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Initiatives in our operation Value natural resources

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Promotion of activities in our operations

The Bridgestone Group has committed to valuing natural resources by using the resources efficiently throughout our products lifecycle, from raw material procurement to disposal and recycling. Important activities include reducing waste volumes and promoting zero waste to landfill status to encourage the development of a society that actively recycles.

Bridgestone’s activities to “Value natural resources”

Approach for reducing waste at manufacturing facilities

We aim to reduce our product scrap ratio by focusing on quality management and reducing the amount of waste generated during manufacturing at various production bases. In 2018, we generated a total of 355 thousand tonnes of waste, amounting to 9.7 tonnes per 100 million yen of net sales, and a recycling rate was 89%.

We promote waste reduction with ownership of each region, for example, in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, target is to improve waste generation per production volume to be 61.4 kg/tonne in 2021, and the actual result of 2018 was 61.8 kg/tonne.

As part of our enhanced drive to reduce the amount of waste generation and improve recycling rates, we promote “zero waste to landfill” across the Bridgestone Group. In August 2010, all 44 facilities in Japan achieved this zero waste to landfill status, and continue to do so today.


Staff at our Wilson Plant, the world’s first ULE-certified “zero waste to landfill” manufacturing plant

In Bridgestone EMEA, Burgos, Bilbao, PSM (Spain), Bari (Italy), Stargard, Poznan (Poland), Lanklaar (Belgium), Izmit, Aksaray (Turkey) plants also have reached zero waste to landfill status. In addition, four tire plants in China have achieved this status. We intend to continue pursuing initiatives to reduce waste generation and also promote beneficial use of it as part of our contribution to circular economy.

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