Stakeholders Communication

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The Bridgestone Group prioritizes engagement with stakeholders as it strives to understand their perspectives and to share its point-of-view as well. Learnings from stakeholders help inform the Group’s business activities as it continues to sustainably grow its business.

Communication activities of the Bridgestone Group

Stakeholder group Main issues / Key topics Uses and methods/opportunities of main dialogues Frequency
  • Developing appealing products/services
  • Providing timely response and support
  • Providing appropriate information
  • Effectively managing customer information
Boosting recognition of the Group’s activities and generating opportunities for co-creation
Reflecting customer feedback into products and services
Responses to Customer Communication Center inquiries daily
Analysis, database compilation and internal utilization of customer input timely
Bridgestone Innovation Park's Bridgestone Innovation Gallery dedicated to Bridgestone history and innovation initiatives timely
Websites and social media daily
Daily sales and service activities
(retail stores, dealer channels, online commerce)
Market research/Customer satisfaction survey timely
Auto shows and exhibitions timely
and Investors
  • Providing appropriate and timely information
  • Maximizing corporate value
Dialogue-based IR activities and timely, appropriate information disclosure
Reflecting shareholder and investor perspectives/feedback into management and IR activities
Annual Shareholders’ Meeting annually
Corporate Governance Report annually
Corporate Governance Code Report biannually
Financial results review meetings timely
Mid Term Business Plan (2021-2023) and progress updates timely
Investor relations website daily
Reports based on International Integrated Reporting Framework annually
Individual meetings with investors, and ESG dialogue with investors timely
Formulating and hosting a briefing on the 2030 Long Term Strategic Aspiration Aug. 2022
Communications at sustainability-related events timely
  • Ensuring fair and impartial transactions
  • Communicating Sustainable Procurement Policy
Promoting dialogue and mutual understanding to achieve sustainable procurement
Encouraging dialogue to improve on-site environments
Capacity building and supporting improved yields and income through dialogue with and education for smallholder farmers
Daily procurement activities daily
Procurement policy explanatory forums/Sustainability seminars biannually
Global Sustainable Procurement Policy rollout timely
  • Respecting human rights
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion, including diverse working styles
  • Developing and utilizing human resources
  • Promoting occupational health and safety, and health and productivity management
  • Facilitating mutual understanding between management and labor
Improving engagement through mutual understanding with employees
Objectively analyzing survey results and formulating and implementing action plans to improve workplace environments based on dialogue
Bridgestone Code of Conduct, Global Human Rights Policy and Global Anti-Bribery Policy timely
Employee engagement survey timely
Personnel evaluation systems and career development consultation timely
Talent matching system (open-posting system and job-matching system) timely
Participation in The Valuable 500, promote appointment and recruitment of female managers timely
Meetings between labor and management timely
In-house newsletters and intranet daily
Town hall meetings timely
Bridgestone Group Awards and other reward systems Award: annually
Internal events related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games timely
Local Communities, NGOs
  • Contributing to local communities
  • Preserving local environments
  • Supporting activities in locations with Bridgestone Group operating sites
Understanding issues in local communities, supporting solutions, and building trust
Donations and social contribution activities timely
Facility tours timely
Environmental and safety education activities timely
Sponsorship and aid for local events timely
Disaster relief and reconstruction support timely
Dialogue and collaborations with NGOs timely
Government Agencies, Industry Organizations and Educational Institutions
  • Contributing to the development of a safe and reliable mobile society
  • Supporting education activities
  • Participating in industry economic impact studies and supply chain assessments
Promoting and supporting the formulation of industry standards
Revising policy guidelines in line with social and industry trends
Trade association memberships, committees and conferences timely
Dialogue and collaborations with economic and industry organizations timely
Dialogue with government representatives timely
Participation in global initiatives on sustainability and environment such as the Tire Industry Project operated under the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber, Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, and Business for Nature timely
Interaction and exchanges of opinion with municipal government agencies timely
Communication, coordination, and support of industry-government-academia partnerships timely

Establishing and enhancing communication structures

CES 2023: Showcasing the vision for sustainable mobility

CES is the world’s preeminent gathering place for market leaders in technology, and Bridgestone was proud to return to the show floor in 2023 to collaborate with likeminded thought leaders and immerse attendees in our vision for creating a more sustainable future through mobility solutions.

The delivery of sustainable mobility requires each stage of the tire and rubber product’s life—from manufacturing and ownership to maintenance and end-of-life material circularity—to consider the most responsible processes and tools for each step. At CES, Bridgestone demonstrated its vision of vehicle management experience with the ultimate goal of carbon-neutral transportation in the future.

Throughout the show, the Group met with current and potential partners and customers in order to discuss ways the Group can support their current business needs through our sustainable solutions, while also collaborating on opportunities to lead the future of sustainable mobility together, providing both social and customer value.

Bridgestone plans to continue to share, collaborate, learn and co-create in order to continue to lead the future of mobility.

An active role in industrial initiatives

The Group takes the environmental and social impact of the tire industry seriously and play a leading role in building knowledge and establishing industry standards to better address the challenges facing the industry as a whole.

For more information on the Group's engagement and initiatives with external organizations, see “Partnerships and Collaboration with External Organizations.”

Dialogue-based IR activities and timely, appropriate information disclosure

“Toward 2050, Bridgestone continues to provide social value and customer value as a sustainable solutions company.” To achieve this vision, the Group is moving forward with the implementation of medium- to long-term business strategies which places sustainability at the core of management. Through quarterly financial briefings and other platforms, the Group provides regular reports on the progress of our medium- to long-term business plans. Further, the Group understands that building mutual relationships of trust with analysts and investors is of paramount importance. The Group therefore takes advantage of the ideas and opinions that the Group obtains through dialogue with these analysts and investors in our management strategies and IR activities.

At Bridgestone, in addition to Corporate Sustainability division, which promotes the integration of our management strategies, business activities and corporate culture with sustainability issues the Group is facing, the Group newly sets up the IR Financial Affairs Reporting and Planning Section to strengthen the organizations structure to respond to increasing investors interests in sustainability related issues. Through these organizations, the Group is improving our dialogue with institutional investors on our approach to sustainability issues and the management strategies that will allow us to achieve sustainable growth alongside our customers and society.

In June 2022, the Group published our first integrated report. This ensured timely and appropriate information disclosure through unique value creation stories that balanced sustainability and business. As a result, in addition to ESG perspective, the Group was able to exchange ideas with institutional investors on their requests and expectations as the Group seeks to grow as a sustainable solutions company. The requests and expectations of these institutional investors were relayed back to management, leading to discussions on how to link their ideas to future value creation, as well as concrete action.

The Group also received positive feedback on our IR improvements and comments on future expectations for the Company through individual investor meetings. The Group believes that positive, objective feedback from external parties helps us to develop as a strong and resilient Bridgestone.

Direct communication with customers and the general public

The Bridgestone Customer Communication Center gathers and analyzes customer impressions from inquiries and comments as well as assessments from the Internet and disseminates this information internally to corporate officers and other employees. This leads to improved products and services, while the Group reports are used in an attempt to increase employee motivation. Bridgestone is also focusing efforts on communicating Company activities in an easily understandable way to customers and the general public using the Internet and other digital forms of communication incorporating images and video.

Facility tours for the general public

Bridgestone offers tire plant tours to the general public in Japan. Visitors can see how tires are made and how the Company contributes to environmental conservation throughout the manufacturing process.

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