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In harmony with communities

As a global organization with operations in more than 150 countries, the Bridgestone Group is uniquely positioned to co-create long-term social and customer value in communities around the world.

It does so by working collaboratively with various stakeholders such as partners, customers and employees to develop sustainable community solutions that positively impact a wide variety of cultures and address the unique challenges they face. In addition to these long-term efforts, when urgent support is essential — for example, in times of disaster — the Group steps up to immediately support communities in need.

Supporting communities is part of the Sustainability Framework that the Group uses to build the trust that propagates value co-creation. Through these social contribution activities in accordance with their purpose and community needs, the Group is committed to creating and expanding the eight Bridgestone-like values starting with the letter “E” in the “Bridgestone E8 Commitment” including “Empowerment: Contributing to a society that ensures accessibility and dignity for all.” The Group builds safer, healthier communities and makes education more accessible and inclusive for current and future generations.

In addition, a working group that engages in social contribution activities within the Group issued the Global Social Contribution Activity Guidelines in 2022 to expand the positive impact of Bridgestone's social action programs. These guidelines are intended to ensure that employees share a common understanding of the Group's conceptual framework and that they can effectively organize and communicate activities in line with the “Bridgestone E8 Commitment.”

Global Social Contribution Activity Guidelines

In 2022, 1,009 initiatives*1 were implemented in 40 countries, which includes 664 initiatives with external partners*2, with 17,282 employee volunteers*3, and reached 272,577 people*4 from the community. The Group’s social contribution activities related to the environment are explained separately in "Enhancing contribution.”

  1. Counting of “initiatives” varies by country or region.
  2. Counting of “partners” varies by country or region.
  3. The number of volunteer is the total number, including estimates for some activities.
  4. The number of people who directly benefited from the Group’s activities, which varies by country or region and only includes those activities for which the Group has confirmed the status.

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