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The Bridgestone Group set the focused target towards 2030: contributing to global CO2 emissions reduction across the lifecycle and value chain (Scope 3*1) of its products and services exceeding five times its operation’s (Scope 1 and 2*1) CO2 emissions*2. The Group seeks to differentiate itself and strengthen its competitiveness by providing solutions based on Dan-Totsu (the clear and absolute leader) products and services, helping its customers reduce their CO2 emissions and become carbon neutral.

  1. The target covers emissions from production sites excluding discontinued operations. Scope 1 covers all direct CO2 emissions by a company (from boilers of manufacturing facilities, etc.). Scope 2 covers indirect energy-related CO2 emissions (from consumption of purchased electricity, etc.). Scope 3 covers CO2 emissions from raw material procurement, distribution, customers’ use, disposal, and recycling lifecycle stages.
  2. Base year: 2020

Tire technologies

Expanding contribution to CO2 reduction

Looking at the entire lifecycle of a tire, CO2 emissions during product use account for the largest proportion, approximately 90% of the total*1. As a provider of products and services that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions from customer use, the Group is developing and expanding fuel-efficient tires equipped with ENLITEN, an innovative tire technology that combines environmental and driving performance, and mobility solutions that provide fleet management services.

In 2023, the Group continued to reduce the tire rolling resistance and promotion of mobility solutions, therefore, the contribution to CO2 reduction combined with the activities of the entire value chain is equivalent to approximately 3.4 million tons*2. This is 1.87 times the amount of CO2 emissions from its operations. The Group will continue to improve its monitoring of the amount of CO2 reduction contribution of each SBU and expand its contribution to CO2 reduction.

Independent Assurance Statement (241KB)

Actual calculation (109KB)

  1. Source: “Tyre LCCO2 Calculation Guidelines Ver. 3.0.1” (The Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association, Inc., December 2021)
  2. Calculated using Bridgestone’s proprietary calculation method based on the “Tyre LCCO2 Calculation Guidelines Ver. 3.0.1” (The Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association, Inc)

Development of fuel-efficient tires

The Group develops and sells various environmental products that meet the diverse needs in its core business. The Group promotes lightweight, fuel-efficient tires with low rolling resistance and high wet grip performance led by the ECOPIA brand to mitigate climate change through greater vehicle fuel economy.

ENLITEN: Base technology for product design

ENLITEN, positioned as a “new premium”, is a base technology for product design that can improve the basic performance of tires and elevate all conventional performance indicators. In addition, it significantly enhances environmental performance leading to sustainability, as well as performance that not only meets the apparent needs and potential wants of specific markets and customers, but also further inspires and delivers new value that the market and customers may not even have imagined.

ENLITEN is positioned as the “new premium in the EV era” for passenger car tires and the “new premium in the circular business era” for truck and bus tires. This value will be expanded from technology to products and the business model. ENLITEN will not only significantly improve EV driving range and electricity consumption and extend vehicle battery life through reduced tire rolling resistance, but also contribute to ensuring space for batteries, lighter batteries, and reduced cost for vehicles. The Group will continue expansion of ENLITEN-equipped products to solve issues related to electrification from the ground up. The percentage of ENLITEN technology equipment for replacement tires is planned to be expanded from 8% in 2023 to 20% in 2024, and 65% in 2026 with the launch of 50 products equipped with ENLITEN.

Support of Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC)

The BWSC is the world's foremost solar car event, which travels 3,000 km (1,860 miles) from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. It inspires bright young minds from around the world to come together to push the limits of technological innovation and find solutions for the mobility of tomorrow, such as the development of solar cars. Participants are challenged to design, build and develop the world's most efficient vehicles. In addition to supporting the competition as a title sponsor, Bridgestone supplies ENLITEN-equipped tires; these tires achieve a Material Circularity Number (recycled and renewable material ratio) of 63%.

Through the BWSC, Bridgestone will not only refine and demonstrate sustainable tire technologies, but also promote sustainability across the value chain such as low carbon emission logistics for tire shipping and evolve our sustainable global motorsports activities.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Solutions business

The Group’s mobility solutions business which provides fleet management leveraging mobility data amplifies the value of tire data and mobility data by connecting with approximately 1.2 million contracted vehicles mainly through Webfleet Solutions in Europe and Azuga in North America. In 2022, Webfleet Solutions entered into a partnership with the German startup Chargylize to support fleets in their transition to EVs. Through its use of vehicle data analysis for proposals of the best-suited EV models for customers, and support for optimal operations in areas such as electric fleet management and EV charging solutions, the Group will strive to support a carbon neutral mobility society from the ground up.

In its tire-centric solutions business for trucks and buses, the Group is taking on the challenge of establishing a circular business model that maximizes tire value by fully using each tire until the end of its life through the integrated approach combining Dan-Totsu products and retreads. The first element is to expand the Group’s lineup of products equipped with ENLITEN the “new premium in the circular business era”. Based on these competitive new tires with enhanced durability and wear resistance, the Group will increase the number of retreads for each tire, thus contributing to improved resource productivity and reduced CO2 emissions.

In addition, Tirematics is a digital tool for monitoring tire pressure and temperature. Rollout of this service started in Europe in 2012 and it is now offered globally with enhanced service content. Tirematics contributes to safe driving and stable vehicle operation as well as to reduction of environmental impact, including reducing CO2 emissions during vehicle operations by preventing deterioration in fuel efficiency due to low tire air pressure.

In 2023, the contribution to CO2 emissions reduction by mobility solutions was equivalent to approximately 310,000 tons.

Diversified products business with high green performance

Vortech® rubber tracks for low fuel consumption

Vortech® rubber tracks are a new generation of low fuel consumption rubber tracks that help reduce the carbon emissions of Vortech®-equipped construction machinery.

Developed by Bridgestone, Vortech® rubber tracks have been designed to provide the same or higher levels of durability and other standard performance as similar products in its class using an optimized internal structure and tread pattern. This dramatically lowers the bending resistance that occurs when rubber tracks rotate, leading to less drive loss and contributing to improved fuel consumption, more fluid vehicle movement and better work efficiency*.

* Efficiency varies depending on track specifications, operating conditions, among others.

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