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Long-Term Vision: In balance with nature
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Long-Term Vision (For 2050 and beyond) In balance with nature (Contribution > Footprint)

Activity Concept

The Bridgestone Group is working concurrently to minimize the environmental footprint of our business operations while also enhancing our environmental contributions.

To be in harmony with nature, our long-term goal is our commitment to contribute to biodiversity conservation through habitat enhancement, environmental education and research so that our environmental contribution should be greater than our environmental footprint by 2050 and beyond.

Relationship between our operations and biodiversity

Our business operations also take into account the impact on the ecosystem as a whole. Since 2013, we have conducted a materiality analysis on the environmental footprint of our operations and on environmental contributions to biodiversity conservation. This analysis is based on the interrelationship represented in the following diagram and has identified priority issues. We will further expand our activities by taking key actions on these issues in the future, while reviewing the priority issues to meet the changes in social needs.

Meanwhile, various quantification methodologies for biodiversity have been developed by various organizations, including the Natural Capital Protocol. Paying attention to these international trends, we at the Bridgestone Group strive to deepen our understanding of the relationships between our business operations and biodiversity both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Relationship Between the Bridgestone Group’s Tire Operations and Biodiversity

*Diagram was created based on the Business & Biodiversity Interrelationship Map® released by the Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (JBIB).

Priority issues and key actions

Priority Issues and Key Actions

The Bridgestone approach toward biological diversity

We, the Bridgestone Group, respect the principles of the Convention on Biological Diversity. We promote biodiversity to help ensure not only sustainability but also a healthy, vibrant future. The Bridgestone Group is committed to enhancing biodiversity by leveraging its global presence. We are actively linking our world-wide network of people with their unique wildlife habitats, and providing education and research needed to achieve healthy biodiversity at the gene, species and habitat levels. We at Bridgestone are humbled by the lessons we can learn together with others in our communities by connecting with nature.

Key Activities

  1. We will contribute to biodiversity conservation through active habitat preservation and enhancement at our operating locations and beyond our property lines.
  2. We will contribute to biodiversity conservation through environmental education and research.

The Bridgestone In Harmony with Nature – Promoting Biodiversity Program

The Bridgestone Group launched “The Bridgestone In Harmony with Nature – Promoting Biodiversity Program” in early 2019.

Through the program, we encourage all manufacturing facilities across the globe to promote activities to conserve biodiversity. Many of our facilities already have initiatives in place, such as educational partnerships, conservation efforts, and microhabitats. This program seeks to highlight those facilities for their efforts by recognition based upon measurable KPIs annually.

In 2019, 126 manufacturing facilities participated in this program and 25 sites are recognized as Gold Class.

In 2018, Bridgestone Group held over 385 Environmental conservation/education events such as Eco-art contest, Tree planting campaign and waste tire collecting. The participants of those events exceeded 14,700.

62 manufacturing facilities have partnerships with local schools, NGO/NPOs, national wildlife groups, governments, etc. and have promoted biodiversity conservation. For example, Aiken PSR in the U.S. has partnered with University of South Carolina, Aiken Campus for 4 years to provide educational classroom instruction to Aiken County students.

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