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Environmental Mission Statement


As the social and environmental impact of climate change, resource depletion and biodiversity loss became more pronounced, the Bridgestone Group established a framework to raise awareness of these common global challenges and address them within its operations, and to contribute - throughout the product lifecycle and entire value chain - to addressing them within the larger community.

To help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations...

We, the Bridgestone Group, are committed to continually working toward a sustainable society with integrity and in unity with our customers, partners, communities and the world around us.

  • In harmony with nature
    To contribute to biodiversity through habitat enhancement, and through environmental education and research.
  • Value natural resources
    To continually improve natural resource conservation through operational improvements and product design.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
    To continually reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gases, including CO2 from our products’ complete life cycle.

Environmental Mission Statement of each language

The Bridgestone Environmental Mission Statement published in 2011 carries our unchanged aspiration: “to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations....”

To provide a clear path of the steps required to achieve its mission, the Group is committed to working with all stakeholders toward a sustainable society. By outlining the direction of long-term environmental activities and expressing them in simpler terms, it aims to further raise the environmental awareness of all members of the Group and encourage their engagement in initiatives aimed at achieving a more sustainable society.

Within the Environmental Mission Statement, the Group is promoting three guiding objectives and two core fundamentals for supporting these objectives. The Group believes that by outlining these objectives and fundamentals in simplified terms, all Bridgestone employees can easily understand and align globally with the purpose and engage in activities in their respective positions that support its Environmental Mission.

In order to exist “in harmony with nature,” the Group continues to develop and utilize technologies that “value natural resources” while addressing the urgent matter of global warming through efforts to “reduce CO2 emissions” based on the Environmental Mission Statement.

Three aspects for environmental objectives:

  1. Products & services
  2. Operations
    Bridgestone Group's business activities
  3. Community activities
    Activities that promote local environmental conservation and environmental awareness of people

Two core fundamentals for supporting objectives:

  1. TEAMS
    Bridgestone Group’s Total Environmental Advanced Management System (TEAMS) is a Group-wide implementation of its Environmental Management System (EMS) framework, which (1) promotes the participation of all business units, facility functions and employees throughout the Group and (2) embodies its commitment to active disclosure and advanced, world-class activities, to monitor and continually improve its environmental performance. For details of the TEAMS, see “Environmental Management.”
  2. Environmental communication
    The Environmental Mission Statement is a platform for supporting activities in the above three aspects and promoting their continuous improvement. The Group will continue to closely communicate with stakeholders, particularly on the disclosure of environment-related information that includes reporting on the progress and performance of environmental activities.
    For details, see “ESG Data.”

The Environmental Mission Statement has been translated into 20 languages and is displayed in every Group business. The Group also offers various educational opportunities, such as e-learning, training programs and environmental intranets, including company social media to support employees in understanding the connection between the Statement and the work they perform each day and share best practices to engage employees. Going forward, the Group will continue to cultivate a workplace where all employees feel empowered to work independently on environmental activities based on the Statement.

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