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Partnerships and collaboration with external organizations

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Global Initiatives Contributing to Sustainable Development for Industry and Society / Environment

Since 2006, the Bridgestone Group has been a member of the Tire Industry Project formed under the Geneva, Switzerland-based World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The Tire Industry Project (TIP) has been operating successfully for ten years, addressing a series of sustainability challenges for industry.

Tire Industry Project

Initiatives aimed at research and problem-solving with respect to the impact of tires on the environment and health.

1.Researching the Environmental and Ecological Impacts of Tire and Road Wear Particles (TRWP)

With respect to TRWP generated as tires wear down during use, verification tests thus far have revealed little risk to the environment or health.

2.Global Development of Effective End-of-Life Tire (ELT) Management Systems

To address variations in ELT management systems among different countries and regions, the Tire Industry Project published the End-of-Life Tires: A Framework for Effective ELT Management Systems in 2010. Bridgestone promotes ongoing activities designed to globally deploy effective ELT management systems.

3.Researching the Environmental and Ecological Impacts of Nano-Materials

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) publishes reports on its collaborative project with the Bridgestone Group focused on the social and environmental contribution of tires using raw materials, such as carbon black and silica, the health and the environmental effects of the nano-materials used at the tire development and manufacturing stages, and research into optimal methods for risk assessments and protective measures related to impacts on the human body. These raw materials are thought to pose a low risk to the health of people working with them.

Tire Industry Project 10-Year Progress Report (10.4MB)

W-BRIDGE Project

W-BRIDGE membership

The Waseda Bridgestone Initiative for Development of Global Environment (W-BRIDGE) is a collaborative project combining industry, academia and people, established in 2008 by Waseda University and the Bridgestone Corporation to contribute to the preservation of the global environment. Adding the participation of people (local citizens) to the traditional collaboration, or bridge, between industry (companies) and academia (universities) creates a “double bridge” that supports research and other activities.

Four research domains*

*Plans are in place to review research domains and expand scope and activities further.

Partnerships and collaboration with external organizations

Rubber and Tire Industry

Environmental Partnership