Bridgestone’s Sustainability Journey

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From the Bridgestone Group’s beginnings in the 1930s, its founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, believed that a business that contributes to society would do well by doing good. Today, this is more important than ever, with mounting social and environmental challenges threatening the planet and the quality of life of all people living on it. Now, as a global leader, the Bridgestone Group is committed to serving society by improving access to smart, safe transportation, building healthy, resilient communities, and minimizing its environmental impact. Looking forward, the Group remains committed to driving innovation around mobility, people, and the environment – so that it can continue to serve society with superior quality for generations to come.

To Continue “Serving Society with Superior Quality”

In 2017, Bridgestone has redefined its global corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment, “Our Way to Serve.” “Our Way to Serve” aims to inspire Bridgestone employees to continue doing great work, by continuing to do good for the world. “Our Way to Serve” organizes Bridgestone’s efforts under three Priority Areas: Mobility; People; and Environment. “Our Way to Serve” reflects the company’s longstanding philosophy of “Serving Society with Superior Quality” and a recognition that the best companies not only perform for their stakeholders, but also contribute to a better world.

Along with these Priority Areas, Bridgestone continues to strengthen the basic governance, compliance and behavioral characteristics expected of any responsible company through its Management Fundamentals. These are exemplified in the company’s commitment to leadership in six major areas: Compliance and Fair Competition; Business Continuity and Risk Management; Human Rights and Labor Practices; Safety and Industrial Hygiene; Procurement; and Quality and Customer Value.

“Our Way to Serve” is closely linked to the mission of the Bridgestone Essence of “Serving Society with Superior Quality.” Through “Our Way to Serve,” the Bridgestone Group leverages its strengths and competencies—thousands of teammates worldwide, a global network, industry leadership, and a history of innovation—to improve the way people move, live, work, and play.

“Our” refers to the individual leaders and employees at all levels of Bridgestone’s worldwide organization, while “Serve” means all team members incorporating the Priority Areas and Management Fundamentals into their consciousness and plans as they work, fulfill their roles, and go about their everyday duties.

To meet the expectations the Bridgestone Group has of itself and that others have of the Group, and to realize its Mid-Long Term Business Strategy, the Group sees the “Our Way to Serve” sustainability framework as fundamental and continues to prioritize it in all that the Group does. Guided by “Our Way to Serve”, the Group is integrating sustainability into its culture, business strategy and operations.
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The Group emphasizes contributions in Priority Areas to create value for customers and for society. Underpinning these commitments are Management Fundamentals that guide how the Group responsibly and ethically approaches the creation of social and customer value.

For details of each Priority Areas and Management Fundamentals, please see the link below.

Priority Areas
Management Fundamentals

Priority Areas

Areas in which the Bridgestone Group can utilize its strengths and competencies to generate common value (value for both customers and society) through innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Management Fundamentals

Areas for measures essential for a responsible corporation, such as compliance with ISO26000, and adherence to basic rules and social norms.

Background and Development Process of "Our Way to Serve"

With growing awareness about the environment and sustainability, increasing global population, climate change, and SDGs, social expectations regarding the roles that individual corporations play in ensuring the future health of the world have been increasing. Through “Our Way to Serve,” Bridgestone aims to meet these expectations and fulfill its responsibilities for the future as an industry leader.

The importance of the UN SDGs for Bridgestone

The SDGs adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015 are a set of 17 global goals with 169 specific targets to realize a sustainable world. The Bridgestone Group is working to help achieve these goals as part of its responsibility as a global corporation. The Group reviewed its business operations, policies and sustainability metrics to identify areas where it can leverage its strengths and capabilities to help address these pressing world needs.

“Our Way to Serve” System

“Our Way to Serve” is led holistically and globally by the Global Sustainability Committee (GSC, formerly the Global CSR Enhancement Committee) with working groups of cross-functional, cross-regional leaders responsible for operationalizing the Bridgestone Group’s sustainability framework. The Global Sustainability Committee reports to the Global Executive Committee (Global EXCO).
The Group also established a Global Sustainability Function with members from each region to activate its sustainability journey to ensure the successful cultural, strategic and operational integration of “Our Way to Serve.” Global CSTO*1 (Global Sustainability Committee chairperson) directs the Group’s sustainability strategy, advancing its recommendations to the Global EXCO, the highest level committee overseeing the Bridgestone Group’s business strategy and execution.
Global CSTO makes reports to the Board of Directors pertaining to the Group's sustainability initiatives.

*1 Chief Sustainability Officer

*2 Strategic Business Unit

*3 Bridgestone Japan, including Japan Tire, Diversified Products Solutions Business, G-MAA Solutions Business (Mining, Aircraft, Agriculture) and Sports/Cycles Business

*4 Bridgestone Americas

*5 Bridgestone Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, and Africa

*6 Bridgestone China Asia Pacific

*7 Global Business Support