AUSTRALIA 22-29 OCT.2023


Bridgestone World Solar Challenge—the world's premier solar car event relying on solar energy as its power source to travel 3,000 km across the Australian continent over the course of approximately 5 days.
This event features a diverse array of solar cars, carrying the dreams of young engineers from around the world, as they race towards the future.

Bridgestone World Solar Challange 2023 
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The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) inspires bright young minds from around the world to come together to push the limits of technological innovation and find solutions for the mobility of tomorrow, such as the development of solar cars. As a trigger to accelerate the electrification of automobiles and a key movement representing the realization of carbon neutrality and a circular economy, the BWSC is ever-increasing in importance.

We are proud to celebrate 10 years supporting this significant event as its partner. 2023 also marks the 60th anniversary of Bridgestone Motorsport. Repeatedly taking on the challenge of ensuring safety and peace of mind as in our fundamental principal “tires carry life” and supporting the motion of vehicles in races where drivers challenge the limit in extreme conditions is what made Bridgestone what it is today. Motorsports is our “origin” as a tire manufacturer, and represent “a challenge for excellence”. As we take this opportunity to return to our origin and look to evolve our activities as sustainable global premium motorsports, BWSC will remain a cornerstone event.
Bridgestone remains passionate about supporting the challenges of the teams and the young engineers who will lead the future. We will also reinforce the development of sustainable tire technologies to support them from the ground up and to contribute to realizing the next-generation mobility society.

01 E N L I T E N ,   t h e n e w   p r e m i u m   i n   t h e   E V   e r a E N L I T E N ,   t h e n e w   p r e m i u m i n   t h e   E V   e r a Realizing “ultimate customization” to support the event

ENLITEN, positioned as the “new premium in the EV era”, is the base technology for product design which enables “ultimate customization”. In other words, it elevates all conventional performances and further largely enhances performance that not only meet the apparent needs and potential wants of customers, but that delivers new value which they may not have even imagined and inspires them. Leveraging this technology, it is possible to sharpen edge in performance that deliver new value, adapted to different tire usage conditions.

ENLITEN-equipped tires supplied to the BWSC, utilized for the first competitive use of the technology, were custom-designed to help teams meet the extreme demands during the 3,000 km event, including low rolling resistance, wear resistance and light weight. They were developed by attentively listening to the needs of teams and deeply understanding the characteristics of solar cars. In addition, these tires achieve a Material Circularity Number (recycled and renewable material ratio) of 63%, up from approximately 30% for the tires used in the 2019 event. Through the BWSC, Bridgestone will not only refine and demonstrate sustainable tire technologies, but also promote sustainability across the value chain such as low carbon emission logistics for tire shipping and evolve our sustainable global motorsports activities.

02 P a s s i o n   t o T u r n   t h e   W o r l d P a s s i o n   t o T u r n t h e   W o r l d― DREAM BIGGER, GO FARTHER

The BWSC advances sustainability and supports the challenges of teams and individuals in pursuit of their dreams. Such challenges evoke emotion, encourage teamwork and sportsmanship and expands the circle for co-creation.

The event underscores many values such as Energy, Ecology, Emotion and Empowerment included in the Bridgestone E8 Commitment, our corporate commitment to support a sustainable society. Valuing our passion to support sustainable motorsports, Bridgestone will continue supporting the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and the realization of a sustainable society that lies beyond.

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"Passion to Turn the World"

Passion to race.
Passion to win.
Passion to wake up tomorrow and start over again.
Passion to face the best.
Passion to be the best.
Passion to embrace the ultimate challenge.
Passion to exceed records, barriers and beliefs in limits.
Passion to pursue excellence in every moment.
Passion to be an inspiration.
Passion to undertake new journeys together.
Passion to make Earth a better home for all.
Committed to empowering each and all to achieve their best.
Committed to being essential to the future of mobility.
Motorsports is Bridgestone’s passion. Always has been. Always will be.


BWSC is the pinnacle solar car race
that Bridgestone's base technology for product design, ENLITEN, supports teams from all over the world on the ground.

03 B W S C   R U L E SParticipants will challenge the crossing of the Australian continent, covering approximately 3,000 km, with each class competing separately.

A category to cross the Australian continent and compete for the fastest time.


In the Challenger Class, solar cars from various countries compete for the world's fastest title. The question for the next event is, who will be the first to reach the 3,000km goal?

A category to evaluate the practicality of creating future automobiles.


In the Cruiser Class, participants design and create practical vehicles, and the competition revolves around how efficiently and steadily they can run. It becomes a battle of technology and ingenuity.

A category for everyone to enjoy without competition.


The Adventure Class is designed for all participants to enjoy the event without competing for rankings. Various unique forms of vehicles are a must-see in this class.

04 S C H E D U L E2023 BWSC Tournament Schedule

  • 2023.10.15

    Static vehicle inspection

  • 2023.10.21

    Dynamic vehicle inspection
    team briefing, media briefing

  • 2023.10.22

    Static vehicle inspection

  • 2023.10.25

    Finish Line Open

  • 2023.10.29

    Awards Ceremony