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Environmental Mission Statement of each language

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The Global Sustainable Procurement Policy is available in the following 22 languages.

Japanese PDF (819KB)pdf
English PDF (835KB)pdf
Simplified Chinese PDF (708KB)pdf
Traditional Chinese PDF (730KB)pdf
Arabic PDF (568KB)pdf
Dutch PDF (1.0MB)pdf
French Quebec PDF (1.0MB)pdf
French EU PDF (1.0MB)pdf
German PDF (1.0MB)pdf
Hindi PDF (785KB)pdf
Hungarian PDF (967KB)pdf
Indonesian PDF (1.0MB)pdf
Italian PDF (1.0MB)pdf
Malay PDF (1.0MB)pdf
Polish PDF (859KB)pdf
Portuguese PDF (1.1MB)pdf
Russian PDF (974KB)pdf
Spanish PDF (1.2MB)pdf
Swedish PDF (988KB)pdf
Thai PDF (1.2MB)pdf
Danish PDF (1.9MB)pdf
Vietnamese PDF (884KB)pdf