Respecting diversity

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Our approach to diversity and inclusion

Respect for diversity and inclusion (D&I) is an important element of the Bridgestone Group’s Global Human Rights Policy. It is especially important "in a global enterprise consisting of diverse talent with varied backgrounds, cultures and experiences," according to the Global CEO Masaaki Tsuya. This commitment comes to life in multiple ways across the Bridgestone Group.

The Bridgestone Group's Stance on "Respect for Diversity"

The Bridgestone Group provides a work environment in which individuals who have diverse values and personalities can work comfortably and demonstrate their abilities. To make this possible:

  • We recognize and respect diversity of culture and customs in each country of the world.
  • We sympathize with ideas from diverse viewpoints of diverse people and create new value.
  • We establish a system in which employees can perform their duties with peace of mind and demonstrate their abilities to the fullest across the various stages of their lives.

And finally, we focus all of these efforts on “improving employee satisfaction,” “activating and improving the Company,” and “increasing stakeholders’ profits.”

Diversity seminar

Diversity seminar

We have set up tailored diversity-related programs that uphold the rules, traditions and regulations of individual countries and regions in which we operate.

In Japan, we seek to offer attractive, satisfying employment opportunities for people with disabilities, and have set up our Bridgestone Empowerment Co., Ltd. subsidiary to help promote that goal.

We have implemented diversity-related actions (lunch get-togethers for parents, seminars about childcare, nursing care, LGBTQ*1, etc.) targeting Bridgestone Corporation and 20 group companies in Japan.

Diversity seminar

In the U.S., Bridgestone Americas formed a D&I Committee in 2018 to advance these important topics and has sponsored the PRIDE Festival in Nashville that supports the LGBTQ rights movement for more than 10 years.

Bridgestone Americas has also implemented a variety of initiatives designed to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment. These include affirmative action programs to promote the employment opportunities of minorities, females, individuals with disabilities, disabled veterans and other protected veterans, supporting Employee Resource Groups, and conducting employee focus groups.

  1. According to the GLAAD Media Guide, LGBTQ is a widely used acronym that stands for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer

Diverse workstyles

The Bridgestone Group strives to create a comfortable and vibrant work environment that helps diverse individuals to succeed.

We respect and encourage flexible work styles by offering benefits such as childcare facilities, paid maternity and paternity leave, family care and/or volunteer leave above the legally required minimum in many locations including Japan, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In Japan, we hold guidance meetings led by employees who have already returned to work after childcare leave or a leave of absence. We also conduct interviews prior to and after taking childcare leave, which are attended by employees and their superiors to promote networking that balances work and childcare duties and have a system that human resources support. We also seek to support employees juggling work and nursing care commitments by offering lectures by outside specialists, building awareness by publishing guidebooks, and enabling employees to opt out of overtime.

Bridgestone intends to further expand these programs designed to help build an inclusive workplace where employees can feel comfortable and fulfill their potential.

Empowering female employees

Governed by the Bridgestone Group Stance on Respect for Diversity, we implement measures to encourage the active participation and advancement of women in the workplace at each strategic business unit.

In Japan, Bridgestone is involved in a wide variety of initiatives to help female employees succeed. We provide career development training for female employees, help female employees develop networks, and offer career-support training for managers with a special focus on gender diversity awareness. In order to increase the number of potential female managers over the medium-term, we introduced a program to encourage female employees to aspire to management positions, and, in 2018, formed a comprehensive agreement with Ochanomizu University in Tokyo to help develop female leaders.

Bridgestone Americas has successfully worked to increase the number of women in leadership and senior management, supporting WOMEN Unlimited programs to develop leaders at each managerial level, and female mentorship programs organized through the Bridgestone Women’s Initiative Network (BWIN). At least one candidate for leadership level and senior manager positions must be a designated diversity-promotion candidate.

Bridgestone Europe Middle East and Africa systematically supports the advancement of women in traditionally underrepresented areas. Various programs have been introduced to help create an inclusive work environment, including flexible working hours to facilitate childcare, career support during parental leave, and targeted opportunities for women.

Advancing racial diversity

There are several programs in place to advance racial diversity in various locations, and particularly in the United States, where we have implemented a requirement of diverse candidate slates for key management and professional roles, have partnerships with organizations promoting racial diversity, and support an African-American Employee Resource Group.

External recognition

Selected as a Nadeshiko Brand for six consecutive years

Bridgestone earned the highest rank of gold award in Japan’s annual PRIDE Index of LGBT-friendly workplaces in March 2019. And, for the sixth consecutive year, it was named a Nadeshiko Brand in Japan for encouraging women’s success in the workplace.

The Nadeshiko Brand, which is led by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is awarded to companies that seek to proactively engage and support female employees by, for instance, creating environments that enable women to continue working in each industry. The Nadeshiko brand companies are selected from approximately 3,500 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Bridgestone was recognized for its efforts to increase the ratio of women among new hires, supporting women’s careers, and encouraging a better work-life balance.

Certified Family Responsible Company

Bridgestone Spain was recognized as a certified Family Responsible Company (efr certification) by the independent Fundación MásFamilia.

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