The company's successful integration efforts with Firestone led to strong profits in 1992 and the establishment of a new European Headquarters for Bridgestone and new headquarters the Americas in Nashville, Tennessee. To enhance company's brand awareness and build on Firestone's heritage of motorsports excellence, in 1995, Bridgestone re-entered the Firestone brand into the Indianapolis 500 race and to Indy Car racing one of America's most popular motorsports. Bridgestone brand entered Formula 1 racing in 1997 which is the most popular and technologically advanced form of racing worldwide. New production facilities were also established in Thailand, India, Poland, China, the United States and other countries as the company continued to expand its business globally. In 2000, the Chemical and Industrial Products Technical Center was built inside the Yokohama Plant to serve as the technology and innovation hub for the company's growing the Diversified Products Business.