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Procurement Items

Japan (Head Office)

Raw Materials
Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Carbon Black, Organic Rubber, Chemical, Zinc Oxide, Stearic Acid, Other Chemicals, Fuel, Steel Cord, Bead Wire, Bead, Organic, Fiber, Belt Cord, Hose Wire, Stainless Wire, Polyol, EVA, etc.
Capital Equipment
Mixer, Calendar, Extruder, Tire Building Machine, Curing Press, Power Supply Facility, etc.

Japan (SBU* & Plant)

Machinery & Component, Installation, Maintenance, etc.
Diversified Products
Core steel for Rubber Track, Core steel for Antivibration Rubber, etc.
Indirect Material, Consumable goods, etc.

*SBU:Strategic Business Unit

Outside Japan

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