Diversified Products Plants : Japan

Diversified Products Plants (4 plants)

Location Main Products
Yokohama Plant 1Yokohama, Kanagawa Conveyor Belts, Seismic Isolation Bearings and Associated Rubber Products
Kumamoto Plant 2Tamana, Kumamoto Rubber Tracks, High-pressure Hoses, Industrial Rubber Hoses
Seki Plant 3Seki, Gifu High-pressure Hoses and Resin Pips
Iwata Plant 4Iwata, Shizuoka Precision Components for Office Equipment

Diversified Products Plants Belonging To Major Subsidiaries (7 plants)

Main Products Company Name Plants
Chemical and Industrial Products
(5 plants)
Bridgestone Flowtech Corporation 4
Bridgestone EMK Co., Ltd. 1
Sporting Goods (1 plant) Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. 1
Bicycles (1 plant) Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. 1

Location Map of Diversified Products Plants (Japan)

Location Map of Diversified Products Plants (Japan)

* Plants of Bridgestone Corporation only on this map.

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