Diversified Products Plants : China / Asia Pacific

Diversified Products Plants (16 plants)

Location Products
China 1Shanghai Polyurethane Foam
2Guangzhou Automotive Seat Pad, EA Pad
3Changzhou Bicycles
4Changzhou Hose Assembly, Hydraulic Hoses, Components of Hydraulic Hoses
5Changzhou Anti-vibration Rubber
6Shenyang Rubber Tracks
7Tianjin Air Springs
8Wuhan Automotive Seat Pad
9Kaiping Formed Rubber, Polyurethane Foam, Office Equipment Components
Thailand 10Chonburi Tennis balls
11Rayong Anti-vibration Rubber, Automotive Hoses, High-pressure Hoses, Automotive Seat Pad, Conveyor Belts
Malaysia 12Shah Alam Polyurethane Foam
Philippines 13Cavite MNCS, Push Locks, Office Equipment Components
India 14Manesar Anti-vibration Rubber
15Chennai Anti-vibration Rubber
Indonesia 16Purwakarta Anti-vibration Rubber

Location Map of Diversified Products Plants (China / Asia Pacific)

Location Map of Diversified Products Plants (Asia Pacific)

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