Diversified Products Plants : China / Asia Pacific

Diversified Products Plants (13 plants)

Location Products
China 1Guangzhou Automotive Seat Pad, EA Pad
2Changzhou Bicycles
3Changzhou Hose Assembly, Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Hoses
4Changzhou Anti-vibration Rubber
5Shenyang Rubber Tracks
6Tianjin Air Springs
7Wuhan Automotive Seat Pad
8Kaiping Formed Rubber, Polyurethane Foam, Office Equipment Components
Thailand 9Rayong Anti-vibration Rubber, Automotive Hoses, High-pressure Hoses, Automotive Seat Pad, Conveyor Belts
Malaysia 10Shah Alam Polyurethane Foam
Philippines 11Cavite MNCS, Resin Pips, Office Equipment Components
India 12Manesar Anti-vibration Rubber
13Chennai Anti-vibration Rubber

Location Map of Diversified Products Plants (China / Asia Pacific)

Location Map of Diversified Products Plants (Asia Pacific)

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