Tire Plants : China / Asia Pacific

New Tire Plants / Other Tire Related Plants (19 plants)

Location Products
Thailand 1Rangsit Tires
2Nong Khae Tires
3Chonburi Tires
4Chonburi Tire Molds
5Rayong Off-the-road Tires / Aircraft Tires
6Chonburi Retread Tires for Aircraft
Indonesia 7Bekasi Tires
8Karawang Tires
Taiwan 9Hsin-Chu Tires
Vietnam 10Hai Phong Tires
India 11Indore Tires
12Pune Tires
China 13Shenyang Tires
14Tianjin Tires
15Wuxi Tires
16Huizhou Tires
17Hong Kong Retread Tires for Aircraft
18Quingdao Retread Tires for Aircraft
Australia 19Wacol Retreading Materials

Location Map of Tire Plants (China / Asia Pacific)

Location Map of Tire Plants (Asia / Oceania)

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