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Bridgestone Launches 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Website

Site is first to use new .bridgestone internet domain


Tokyo (October 2, 2015) - Bridgestone Corporation today announced that it has launched a new website dedicated to 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The site is designed to offer an additional element of enjoyment to the numerous fans of the solar car race for which Bridgestone is the primary sponsor.

On this website, the Company will post updates regarding the teams to which it is supplying tires, as well as information about its tire technologies. During the competition, Shane Jacobson, co-host of a spinoff of the BBC television automobile information program Top Gear, will be appointed as the Bridgestone Brand Ambassador to the World Solar Challenge. Bridgestone also will upload videos and photographs that provide an up-to-date look at the event on a daily basis.

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The URL for the World Solar Challenge website will be, making it the first website to employ the new .bridgestone Internet domain created exclusively for Bridgestone Group websites.

This domain is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD)*. Previously, there were only 22 types of gTLDs, including .com and .net. However, following a recent regulatory revision, it is now possible to utilize gTLDs that are based on company or brand names, under certain conditions.

The .bridgestone domain is one such new gTLD based on company or brand names. For users, these unique gTLDs provide the benefit of granting peace of mind by guaranteeing that a website is actually owned by the entity it represents. These gTLDs also provide higher convenience in accessing websites by limiting the number of characters needing to be input in order to access the desired site.

* This type of new gTLDs was made possible by the proposal to deregulate the introduction of top-level domains issued by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, an international organization responsible for managing Internet domains beginning in June 2008. Applications for gTLDs were accepted from companies and other organizations over the period from January 1 to May 31, 2012, and those that were approved are now available for use.

<About the race>
Official name :2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
Schedule :October 18-25, 2015
Host :Australia (Start : Darwin, Goal : Adelaide)
Race Class :1. Challenger Class
four wheels / one driver
cars designed to achieve aerodynamic efficiency
2. Cruiser Class
four wheels / one driver and one or more passengers
cars designed for practicality
3. Adventure Class
three wheels / one driver
cars that were built for previous events

Through the event, Bridgestone is committed to continually working with customers, partners, and the communities in which we live and work to create an environmentally sustainable society, and support young engineers around the world who will join Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015 and forge the future.

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