Soft robot hand

Soft robot hand with "just the right" grip

Supporting the lives of individuals through the power of rubber

Utilizing our expertise in R&D of rubber materials, we are developing Rubber Actuator composed of rubber tube and high-strength fiber sleeve that surrounds it, by applying the technology of tires and hydraulic hoses.

Using this Rubber Actuator, we are challenging a soft robotics business that supports "mobility & movement of people and objects with safety & peace in mind" with "flexible robot" that can cooperate with humans, in response to the growing labor shortage due to the declining birthrate and aging population, increasing social needs for non-contact system due to the influence of COVID-19, and increasing customer needs for work automation.

Features of Rubber Actuator

Features of Rubber Actuator

Rubber Actuator has features of "Lightweight, High Power", "Flexible ", and "Impact Resistant".

  • Lightweight, High Power

    ① Lightweight, High Power

    High power despite of lightweight.
    Expected to contribute to lighten robot weight.

  • Flexible

    ② Flexible

    It does not cause injury even when bumped against a person due to it's "Flexiblility". It is still flexible and can be bent even when inflated.

  • Impact Resistant

    ③ Impact Resistant

    Resistant to external impacts and breakage. Available in a variety of environments.

Rubber Actuator Utilizations

Rubber Actuator Utilizations

We are developing a soft robot hand equipped with a curved Rubber Actuator. It can grip soft to hard objects of various sizes and weights with "just the right" grip.

Rubber Actuator is expected to be applied to various purposes such as soft robot arms, hands, and auto-charge for EVs.
By co-creation with various partners, we will create social and customer value, and contribute to the realization of a society supporting mobility & movement of people and objects with safety & peace in mind.

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