Bridgestone Proving Ground

Bridgestone Proving Ground

Evaluating tire performances with vehicle on various conditions

Bridgestone tires are developed by using computer simulations and indoor tests and then evaluates tire performances by driving tests on various roads and driving conditions.

With ten locations in eight countries around the world, Bridgestone proving grounds play an indispensable role in tire development.

Bridgestone’s proving grounds in the world


Bridgestone develops tires which are suitable for road conditions in each market by carrying out various performance tests in our proving grounds in Japan, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and China.

Bridgestone Proving Ground (Tochigi, Japan)

Bridgestone Proving Ground plays a key role in tire development. Approx. 130,000 tires are tested annually by more than 200 vehicles such as passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses.

Bridgestone Hokkaido Proving Ground (Hokkaido, Japan)

Bridgestone’s winter tires are evaluated here in severe whether conditions in winter.

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