Shareholder Information : Dividend and Shareholder Return

Regarding the interests of shareholders as an important management priority, the Company follows a basic policy of strengthening our management base in preparation for future business developments while working to improve business results. In regard to distributing profit to shareholders, the Company will prioritize strategic growth investment to focus on strengthening earning power and creating value, while building a sustainable premium brand. At the same time, the Company will maintain an appropriate financial position and enhance shareholder returns through realizing sustainable growth and enhancement of corporate value. In determining dividend payments, the Company comprehensively evaluates factors including business results, financial positions for the relevant fiscal period, medium-term earnings forecasts, investment plans, and cash flows. Based on these considerations, the Company strives to live up to the expectations of shareholders by striving to achieve continuous increases of dividend payment amount through a stable consolidated payout ratio of 40% by sustainably enhancing our corporate value.

Dividend per share(Yen)

Acquisition of Treasury Stock

Acquisition period Number of shares(Shares) Total amount(billion yen) *
Feb 17, 2022 to Nov 29, 2022 20,225,300 100.0
Feb 18, 2019 to Sep 6, 2019 47,838,200 200.0
Feb 20, 2017 to Dec 7, 2017 31,565,900 150.0

*Amounts of less than hundred million yen are rounded off.

Cancellation of Treasury Stock

Cancellation period Number of shares(Shares)
Jan 21, 2020 47,838,200
Jan 19, 2018 51,565,900

Stock Split

There has been no stock split in the past 10 years.

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