Disclosure Policy

In disclosing corporate information to shareholders and investors, we are committed to fair and equitable disclosure in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and rules and regulations of each stock exchange on which we are listed, and other disclosure laws and regulations. Furthermore, our basic policy is to promptly and continuously provide information that can be disclosed and that we believe is relevant to your investment decisions, even if such information is not required to be disclosed under these laws and regulations. By doing so, we aim to provide our shareholders with a full understanding of our management situation and business activities so that they can properly evaluate our corporate value.

Information Disclosure Method

Information subject to relevant provisions concerning timely disclosure rules of each stock exchange is made available to all shareholders and investors through TDnet of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The information disclosed to the public is also posted on this website. However, due to technical reasons, etc., the posting of the information may be delayed, not all the information disclosed by the Company may necessarily be posted, or the information may be expressed differently from the information disclosed by other methods.

Quiet Period Policy

To ensure the fairness of disclosures and to prevent the leakage of information concerning business results, Bridgestone Corporation refrains from commenting on or replying to any questions regarding business results and forecasts from the day following the consolidated closing date for each quarter until the business results are officially announced. However, this does not apply to inquiries about facts that have already been publicly announced, or when material facts that should be disclosed in a timely manner or by legal disclosure occur during this period.

Forward-Looking Statements

Any forecasts, plans, strategies, targets, and other statements on this website that are not historical facts are based on judgments derived from information available at the time of preparation and involve risks and uncertainties. Therefore, they do not represent a promise by the Company that they will be achieved. Actual results may differ materially from the forecasts, plans, strategies, and targets presented here due to changes in the economic and business environment in the future.

Last updated: September 22, 2021