I am interested in working at Bridgestone. How can I apply?

Thank you for your interest in Bridgestone!

If you are looking for a specific job, please apply via the country web site corresponding to the job opening of your choice. All other pertinent information can be found on these local career sites.

In case of a broader employment application, submit your resume to the Human Resources department in the country(ies) where you seek employment. Each country career site contains pertinent information relative to employment and contact opportunities.

In general, we recommend applications be submitted via our electronic system or for countries not yet using e-recruitment via mail. Specific instructions are published on all our career sites.


Where can I find an overview of all vacancies within a specific country/region?

The search engine available on this website will enable you to perform a search corresponding to your selection criteria (i.e., country, region, etc). Your search results will provide you with an overview of all corresponding open positions. To apply for positions that interest you, please visit the individual country's career site (click the link).


If a job is posted on this web site, does this mean it is still open? How often do you update the job openings listed on the website?

Every effort is made to keep our career site current. Consequently, the posted vacancies should still be in recruitment phase and if so, your application will be considered.


What will happen to my resume? Will my application be confidential? Who will have access to my personal data?

Your resume/ CV will be reviewed in light of the position's qualifications. If it is determined that there is a match, a member of our staffing team will contact you. The information you share remains confidential to Bridgestone. It will only be shared with members of our staffing department and with the hiring manager. We follow a strict confidentiality policy and do not share information with third parties.


Will you confirm that you received my resume / CV? How will I know the status of my application?

You will always receive a response/confirmation to your application.

Bridgestone's recruitment policy is to treat all candidates in a professional and respectful manner. Should you at any time encounter an extensive waiting period, please contact the local Human Resources department.


I cannot apply online, how can I apply? Who should I contact?

If there is no online option, please contact the local Human Resources department for information.


There are no jobs currently posted that match my interests. Should I submit my resume to Bridgestone anyway?

Bridgestone is always looking for smart, talented and dedicated people to join the team and play a part in leading our industry. Please continue to check our career sites for updated job opportunities.


What is your standard recruitment procedure?

Our recruitment processes vary by country and by facility location. If you are contacted by Bridgestone in response to your application, complete details of the recruiting process will be provided at that time.

Bridgestone respects and values diversity in the workplace, and today continues to create a workforce representative of the global, diverse marketplace. All activities such as hiring, training, promotions, and compensation of employees are conducted without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or age.


Where can I go to find information regarding
a. Internship programs?
b. Trainee programs?
c. Student jobs?

These programs vary in each country. Please visit the local career sites, where you will find all general information. Should you require supplementary information, please contact the local Human Resources department. They'll be happy to assist you!

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