Message from CEO

If you are someone who is passionate about becoming a business professional excited about participating on a worldwide stage, then we want you to join us!

Masaaki Tsuya CEO, Bridgestone Corporation

Bridgestone Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets tires and diversified products in more than 150 markets worldwide. This global network is one of Bridgestone's greatest strengths. The power of our human resources, with more than 130,000 group members working all over the world, is also a major asset.

Bridgestone Corporation is striving to establish itself as the undisputed No.1 tire and rubber company in the world, both in name and substance. We aim to not only grow our market share, but also to enhance our corporate reputation as the true World No. 1 on all fronts. Looking back, I can say that Bridgestone's opportunity to achieve the status as the World No.1 tire and rubber company started when we acquired Firestone in 1988.

Although Bridgestone enjoyed an undisputed leadership status in Japan at that time, we were far behind the two largest companies in the world. Our acquisition of the second largest tire manufacturer in the US was a bold step at that time. With this one move, Bridgestone made the dramatic shift from being a local player in Asia to becoming a truly global player. We took this opportunity to enter the world market, and encouraged all our employees to share our clear "vision to be a global player." The challenge to establish our status as the undisputed World No.1 tire and rubber company, in name and substance, spurs us toward higher and higher levels.

In order for Bridgestone to continue to promote and derive benefits from the concept of a global management structure, it is critical to nurture and develop the human resources that will lead our company into the future. Currently, Bridgestone is actively developing managers and encouraging young employees worldwide. But we need to continue to expand on this approach by identifying, developing and retaining employees who can respond to the fast expansion of our business.

Among the many qualities and qualifications required for business success, I believe the most important one is "passion."Challenges and breakthroughs are critical in the business world, but an individual's passion is the source of power. Passion is the world's common language ? wherever you may be, passionate people attract and extract support from others, and passionate people tend to turn in a positive direction. In order to develop a global business model, employees also need to acquire and maximize specialty skills, such as in sales or engineering. Bridgestone is a company full of opportunities where your passion and your skills will allow you to contribute on a global stage immediately. We're reaching out to enthusiastic people with dynamic spirits and a "passion for excellence" who aspire to become business professionals in an organization with a global reach.

Bridgestone is a diverse and growing company, offering career opportunities all over the world. If you are an individual with passion and a desire to become a professional working in the global marketplace, we'd like to get to know you. By joining Bridgestone you will be a member of a team that will realize our ultimate goal of being "World No.1, both in name and substance."

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