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Fleet Solutions

Bridgestone’s integrated solutions provide fleet customers with safer, more sustainable and efficient mobility.

Commercial Fleet operators are under constant pressure to maximize their fleet performance whilst minimizing costs. Bridgestone’s integrated solution offering, combining premium products, extensive services and state of the art digital platforms provide fleet customers with safer, more sustainable and economical mobility.


Reducing tire costs starts with getting the maximum out of tires’ total life. Total Tire Life is geared around a long first life thanks to superior Bridgestone design features, offering long-lasting robust casing to deliver multiple lives, and multiple retread lives with Bandag retread solution.
With Total Tire Life, Bridgestone can help fleet to minimize tire costs over their entire lifecycle.


Increasing preventive maintenance will have a direct impact on the reduction of operational cost. Bridgestone’s extensive services includes everything fleet need to keep their operations at maximum efficiency: maintenance with tire inspections, monitoring and assistance services provided by the worldwide network of Bridgestone, professional technical advice, casing management, and more.

Digital platforms

Digital technologies are at the core of Bridgestone’s value proposition to fleet customers. The combination of digital platforms tailored to individual customer’s needs, enable Bridgestone to answer the fleets largest pain points around asset tracking, safety and operational efficiency.

Data driven, customized products and service offerings allow for increased vehicle uptime and maximized tire’s total life.

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Solution Business