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Bridgestone contributes to people’s lives by innovations that make buildings safer and more comfortable.

Bridgestone contributes to safety and comfort in buildings by means of a range of products, services, and technologies.
Our innovative products and technologies – such as seismic isolation rubbers dampening the vibration caused by earthquakes, the light and highly durable drainage systems, the new “Smart Siphon” drainage system using the siphon principle – contribute not only to the quality of buildings regarding safety and security but also to the realization of dwellings that suit diversified lifestyles.
Bridgestone continues to support people’s lives by utilizing rubber and resin technologies in a variety of fields ranging from tires, urethane foam, piping and many others.

  • Seismic isolation rubber installed between the foundation of a building and its upper structure prevents the earthquake energy from transmitting directly to the building.

  • “Smart Siphon” drainage system based on the siphon principle can drain the water through a horizontal pipe without using declining pipes like in the conventional plumbing system.

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Solution Business