Bringing together society, customers, partners and the company. Accelerating innovation towards a new chapter.

A place to get to know Bridgestone, build deeper bonds, and co-create new value. This is the goal and concept behind the creation of Bridgestone Innovation Gallery.

Since its founding, Bridgestone has continued to propose a wide range of solutions to social issues in its mission of Serving Society with Superior Quality.
This corporarte museum showcases the group's history, core DNA, and activities for the future.

Bridgestone Innovation Gallery invites visitors to join the company's journey towards the world of tomorrow.

Bridgestone Innovation Park: An innovational hub for creating new value in Kodaira

In the 1960s, Bridgestone founder Shojiro Ishibashi built the company's former Tokyo plant and technology center in Kodaira City, Tokyo, to advance motorization and create an inclusive, active, and healthy local community that valued the surrounding environment.

The automotive industry is said to be in a period of once-in-a-century period of revolutionary change. Bridgestone is also looking to drive change so that it can contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, using innovation to generate new value.

To realize this vision, the company's existing operations in Kodaira will be reconstructed to create Bridgestone Innovation Park, a new global innovation hub to cultivate the next generation of advanced sustainable solutions.

Bridgestone Innovation Gallery opened as the Park's first facility in November 2020.

  • Bridgestone Innovation Gallery

    A museum dedicated to the group's history and innovation initiatives; designed to engage customers, partners and the local community through the Bridgestone story. (formerly Bridgestone TODAY)

  • B-Innovation

    Next-generation innovation and collaboration lab empowering joint creation with various internal and external stakeholders.

  • B-Mobility

    A facility for demonstrating and testing concepts generated in B-Innovation, including several courses and data capabilities, helping to promote agile product development.

The design of the Bridgestone Innovation Gallery was inspired by traffic roundabouts, intersections without traffic lights, in order to seamlessly connect people, goods, the past, the future, the real, and the digital.

Visitors can learn about the Bridgestone history, its fascinating products, the mobile society, and the latest technologies through interactive experiences in four areas, each having its own characteristics.

The WHO WE ARE area features a red line running throughout the space, connecting the past and future. The WHAT WE OFFER area, built around a tire park including a variety of different tires, provides a glimpse of the future of mobility. Sections in the HOW WE CREATE area is divided by transparent curtains, symbolizing Bridgestone solutions that look into the future. And the WHERE WE GO area includes a visual tunel, providing visitors an experience of Bridgestone innovation.

The dynamic dot art installation at the entrance of the museum features layers of people, full-sized cars and airplanes, and trees in the background. These elements come together to represent Mobility, People, and Environment, 3 priority areas constituting the Bridgestone CSR Commitment.

We hope that children visiting the gallery will feel closer to Bridgestone, communicating their experiences to their parents with large shining eyes.


The design studio of Hisaaki Hirawata and Tomohiro Watabe. Focusing on graphic arts and spatial design, the two artists move freely back and forth between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. Their work answers numerous challenging situations through flexible ideas and clear expressions that are not confined to the single area of design.

MOMENT has won the JCD Design Award Gold Prize (Japan), IF Design Awards Gold Award (Germany), Iconic Awards Best of Best (Germany), New York ADC Merit Winner (USA), Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards - Gold Award (Hong Kong), and many other national and international awards. Their book, Redefining the Brand Experience, was published by publisher FRAME of the Netherlands.


Established in 1982, AXIS proposes design solutions to companies and organizations utilizing a wide range of knowledge and networks. It is also engaged in diverse activities as a design proposer, including provision of design information via the AXIS design magazine, the AXIS web magazine, and through the operation of shops and commercial facilities. AXIS received the 2015 Mainichi Design Award Special Prize (organized by Mainichi Newspapers).