The BWSC Supporters, a group of wide-ranging creators and artists introduce the highlights of the tournament.


Kome is a fluffy, one-year old Golden Retriever. She inherited the territory from her owner’s previous dog, ef. Affectionate and playful, Kome melts everyone’s heart with her sweet baby face in contrast to her impressive physique.
efrinmanKome’s owner. She is an illustrator popular for her dog illustrations and comics.

Kome, the popular Golden Retriever gives it a try! – A dog jacket that uses solar energy

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) is a race where cars that run entirely on solar power compete in a 3,000 kms’ journey.

To use more solar power in our everyday lives, we have created a solar-powered gadget! Let us introduce how it was made and tested in cooperation with Kome, a Golden Retriever popular on social media.

Kome is wearing a solar power charged, flashing dog jacket. It was created in collaboration with METACRAFT's Atsushi Inagaki and Takuro Kawashima. Reflecting on the project, they said,

"We devised a style and design that makes EL wire look like a neon sign. We experimented with some different styles and designs to find the best one, which was used for the filming. We once have created dance costumes using EL wire, but this was the first time we made letters and logos with the wire, so it was rewarding and fun.''

The solar panels attached to the back first convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity is then stored in a battery contained in the bag. The wire light on the jacket blinks using the stored electricity. The jacket Kome is wearing is the special BWSC edition, featuring the title of the World Solar Challenge and the Bridgestone logo.

This smart item keeps you and your dog safe at night using the electricity stored during the daytime walks.

Comments by Kome and efrinman

“I am amazed that solar-powered cars can transport people over 3,000 kms. I think that the BWSC is the most appropriate motorsport event, because it uses the power of nature and overcomes the harshness of nature, using both the intellectual and physical power of humans. I admire this intense and extreme competition. The sun and humans are both so amazing.

Kome and I are really delighted to have a chance to wear this wonderful solar-powered jacket. I feel that we have been given an instrument of modern convenience or a stylish outfit, or perhaps I should say I feel that we have become a little more sophisticated. I can’t come close to the BWSC but feel a bit like an adventurer. This jacket will keep us safe at night and will be sure to make your dog the most popular in your neighborhood. How amazing solar power is.”

"Bow-wow." (Kome)

The jacket will be on display at an event for looking back at the BWSC 2019, to be held on December 19 at Tokyo Square Garden in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Don’t miss the chance to see the solar power charged flashing dog jacket with your own eyes!