The BWSC Supporters, a group of wide-ranging creators and artists introduce the highlights of the tournament.

Teraoka Gensho

Teraoka Gensho is a comic book writer, mechanical design engineer and lover of the radio. After working as a mechanical engineer to design toys, he started pursuing a career in content creation. He has made products utilising 3D printing technology and has documented his work processes in the comic book format.
He writes Zettai Hatsumei Meika chan comics for Torch, a website ran by Leed Publishing.

Super-moves overload?! Teraoka Gensho introduces you to the mechanisms with really cool names that are also used in solar cars

Like those mysterious moves in sports comics or superhero comics.
Like those crazy combo moves the heroes come up with when everything else has failed.
Like the multiple abilities combined to make one big super-move.
There are many mechanisms with super cool names.
Teraoka Gensho, a comic book writer and mechanical design engineer, has written a comic to introduce you to the world of intriguing mechanisms.

As a special edition, Teraoka Gensho has included a number of mechanisms used in BWSC solar cars in his comic. How many of those cool-sounding mechanisms do you know?

BWSC, the solar car race Dr. Mechanismo refers to in the comic, is held every other year; BWSC 2019 will start on the 13th of October this year. With teams joining BWSC with their solar cars using cool-sounding mechanisms, it is difficult to predict which team will become the champion this year. Make sure you don’t miss the 8-day race and check the advanced technologies used for the solar cars!

Many thanks to Kogakuin Solar Car Team for helping us create this comic!
If you’re interested in solar cars using the ‘hydro pneumatic suspension mechanism’mentioned in the comic, check below for the vehicle developed by Kogakuin Solar Car Team.

Messages from Teraoka Gensho

I was astonished by the passion and excitement of Bridgestone World Solar Challenge when I was introduced to it through the videos of BWSC17.

I was amazed by how there are so many types of solar cars designed with different methods and intentions…by how there is this fascinating accelerator called ‘magic booster’ which cannot be used repeatedly because it is still at a development phase…by how there are people who quit their jobs to develop solar cars….by how there are accidents where the solar cars break down just before the race…by how emotionally invested the technical sponsors are in BWSC.

I just listed all the things from the BWSC videos that inspired me, but it probably just looks like I wrote a bad essay! Anyway, the BWSC shines lights on the act of both ‘creating’ and ‘running’, and it reminds me of the world I saw in those car race comics I used to read as a kid. I am really excited for the race in October!