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Let us introduce a new form of mobility, a solar-powered pedal cycle.

Run like the wind with solar power! Enjoy the mobility given by the four-wheeled pedal cycle.

‘Screecher Pedalcycle’, a four-wheeled electric pedal cycle that looks just like a regular bicycle, is powered by solar energy stored in the solar panels attached to its roof.
It is a new, environmentally-friendly form of transportation!

Solar power lets you move smoothly even on rough surfaces

This electric pedal cycle was invented in U.S. as a hybrid of an electric car and an electric assisted bicycle. Two people can ride this four-wheeled pedal cycle Screecher, and it does not require you to pedal. Screecher can also move around using solar electric power only. It is powered by the 100W solar panels attached to its roof; you can ride Screecher continuously for 32 km on a single charge. Screecher is both powerful and fast and it even allows you to move smoothly on paved roads, snow-covered roads, bumpy roads and anywhere you like to go.

Several functions available to make your ride more enjoyable

Screecher comes not only with solar panels but also with other functions that help the smooth operation of the electric pedal cycle Screecher. Screecher is equipped with regenerative braking, an energy recovery mechanism that stores Screecher’s kinetic energy until needed. You can also select varying levels of power assist like you would shift gears on a bike. Screecher also comes with cruise control, a system that automatically takes over the throttle of the pedal cycle to maintain a steady speed. The spacious backseat allows you to put your shopping bags and even ride Screecher with your friend. If you attach a trailer Screecher can carry heavy luggage easily.
Screecher lets you enjoy many possibilities of mobility.

This next generation transportation lets you move smoothly

Screecher is a next-generation electric pedal cycle that will let you move around the world more easily and conveniently. Enjoy your ride with this solar-powered pedal cycle that will make your driving experience a refreshing one!

Screecher Pedalcycle