Under the BWSC theme ‘Dream bigger. Go farther,’ Bridgestone supports challengers in achieving their dreams.
Let us introduce some fun facts that will help you enjoy BWSC more.

Get to know some fun facts about solar cars and get yourself ready for BWSC!

How much do you know about solar cars?
Here are some fun facts that will help you enjoy BWSC more.

1.There are a variety of designs ?!

The design of each car reflects the characters of the teams. You will most likely find cars with unique design in Adventure Class-a class where people race more for fun rather than competition.

2. The fastest solar car can go at the speed of 100km/h?!

Some of the solar cars are extremely fast; so fast that the race regulations need to be adjusted every year for the cars not to exceed speed limits.

3. There is a coating that makes solar cars magically faster?!

One of the coatings used on solar cars reduces the vehicle’s air resistance; this in return leads to a weight reduction of the cars and enables them to go faster.

4. Solar cars only weigh ⅙ of the weight of kei-cars?!

Despite being big, solar cars are surprisingly light. The winning car of the Challenger Class only weighs around 130-150kg-approximately ⅙ of the weight of kei-cars that weigh 850 kg.

5. Some solar cars use highly advanced technology?!

In order to improve energy efficiency, some solar cars use solar panels like the ones used for satellites, as well as carbon fiber materials like the ones used in Formula 1.

6. There is a solar car made from pineapples?!

Bochum University of Applied Sciences, a German university, has made a solar car using fibers from pineapples. By making use of pineapple leaves that would usually get disposed of, the university made the solar car even more environmentally friendly.

7. There will be commercially available solar cars in 2020?!

Lightyear, a Dutch tech startup founded by five graduates from Eindhoven University of Technology, has announced that it is launching its solar-powered car ‘Lightyear One’ in 2020.

At every BWSC, teams from all over the world showcase the advancement of solar technologies. What do you think we can expect to see at BWSC that will be held in October 2019? Make sure you do not miss this year’s BWSC and support young engineers’ dreams.