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Let us introduce a solar-powered project that improves both mobility and environmental sustainability.

The world’s first solar-powered train in Australia

Byron Bay Train is the first train in the world that runs only on solar power.

Solar energy and recycling collaborate on the eco-friendly train

The eye-catching red train runs in Byron Bay, a beachside resort in New South Wales. Byron Bay Railroad Company recycled a diesel locomotive which was abandoned for over 20 years into a solar-powered train. Advanced technology has revived the preloved local train!

The train is powered from the solar PV panels on the shed roof

Solar panels have been fitted to the roof of each carriage to collect and generate solar power to charge the train’s batteries. When it is sunny, the train can run 4-5 times a day only on solar power received by the panels. In bad weather, renewable energy is charged with the help of local retail companies in order to operate the train.

A train that lets you travel responsibly and ethically

The not-for-profit company Byron Bay Railroad Company launched its solar train in January 2018. The train runs over 3km around the resort areas in Byron Bay. This nostalgic yet innovative train is popular not only among locals but also among tourists.
Let’s make an eco-friendly choice today by travelling by Byron Bay train!