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About Bridgestone


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At a Glance

The Bridgestone Group is the world's largest manufacturer of tire and rubber products.

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Major products and operations


The Bridgestone Group delivers a wide range of tires to customers around the world, such as tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses, aircraft, construction and mining vehicles, motorcycles, etc..

Diversified Products

The Bridgestone Group makes and sells a range of rubber products and other diversified products. Many of these products and technologies are used in a variety of everyday applications, and help to enrich a broad range of industries as well as consumer lifestyles.


Activities & Locations

The Bridgestone Group provides customers all over the world with products and services,
and it develops innovation to further benefit society and respond to customer needs.

  • Raw Materials

    The Bridgestone Group produces many of the raw materials required in our products, including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, and steel cord.

  • R&D

    The Bridgestone Group is developing products and technologies to create future prosperity and also conducting fundamental research in areas such as raw materials.

  • Production Plants

    The Bridgestone Group has more than 170 manufacturing bases in 26 countries around the world.

  • Sales

    The Bridgestone Group's sales network extends to more than 150 countries around the world.

  • Overview
  • Tire Plants
  • Raw Materials Plants
  • Diversified Products Plants
  • R&D Facilities
  • The Bridgestone Group has over 180 manufacturing plants and R&D facilities in 26 countries and sells products in more than 150 countries worldwide. (As of April 1, 2016)

    • Tire Plants
    • Raw Materials Plants
    • Diversified Products Plants
    • R&D Facilities
    • Tire Plants : 78 (The Americas 26, Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia 14, China/Asia Pacific 18, Japan 20)

    (As of April 1, 2016)

    • Raw Materials Plants : 18 (The Americas 7, Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia 2, China/Asia Pacific 7, Japan 2)

    (As of April 1, 2016)

    • Diversified Products Plants : 76 (The Americas 21, Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia 3, China/Asia Pacific 17, Japan 29)

    (As of April 1, 2016)

    • Techinical Center : 6 (The Americas 1, Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia 1, China/Asia Pacific 2, Japan 2)
    • Proving Ground : 10 (The Americas 4, Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia 1, China/Asia Pacific 3, Japan 2)

    (As of April 1, 2016)


Technology & Innovation

The Bridgestone Group will continue to advance innovative technologies with a strong commitment to supporting global communities.


The Bridgestone Group aspire to offer the best to all our
stakeholders in all of our corporate activities.

  • CSR

    The Bridgestone Group conducts our daily business activities in a way that increases the overall level of our CSR activities.

  • Environment

    Looking ahead to the world in 2050, Bridgestone Group is pushing forward with global initiatives focused on three areas: reducing CO2 emissions, valuing natural resources, and achieving harmony with nature.

  • Citizenship

    The Bridgestone Group helps realize a better society not only through business operations, but through good corporate citizenship by conducting various activities.



The Bridgestone Group have a long history of advancing technologies, pursuing superior quality
and contributing to the betterment of society.

History of Bridgestone