At a Glance

As of December 31,2015

Major Products and Operations


    The Bridgestone Group delivers a wide range of tires to customers around the world, such as tires for passen­ger cars, trucks and buses, aircraft, const­ruction and mining vehicles, motorcycles, etc..

    Diversified Products

    The Bridgestone Group makes and sells a range of rubber products and other diversified products. Many of these products and technologies are used in a variety of everyday applications.

Activities & Locations

Technology & Innovation

The Bridgestone Group will continue to advance innova­tive technologies with a strong commitment to support­ing global communities.


  • CSR

    The Bridgestone Group conducts our daily business activities in a way that increases the overall level of our CSR activities.

  • Environment

    Looking ahead to the world in 2050, Bridge­stone Group is pushing forward with global initiatives focused on three areas: reducing CO2 emissions, valuing natural resources, and achiev­ing harmony with nature.

  • Citizenship

    The Bridgestone Group helps realize a better society not only through business operations, but through good corporate citizenship by conducting various activities.


  • A Global Dream
  • 1906
    Early History of Bridgestone Found­er
  • 1930
    Creation of the Bridge­stone Com­pany and pro­duc­tion of the first tire
  • 1940
    Challenges brought on by World War II
  • 1950
    Technological innovation and mass production
  • 1960
    Radial tires and overseas expansion
  • 1970
    The completion of plants in Japan and expansion into Asia and Oceania
  • 1980
    Bridgestone merges with the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company to become a global leader
  • 1990
    Global Expansion
  • 2000
    A global company of excellence