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Built to compete in the most extreme enduro races

Bridgestone’s first ever Gummy (if we can say “gummy”... this is a huge selling point in our market) tire, built to win the most extreme enduro races.

This tire uses a competition-only spec soft compound to allow it to tackle hard enduro racing over demanding terrain. It achieves high levels of grip and outstanding traction.

Recommended for:
● Riders who enjoy the challenge of hard enduro over terrain even more demanding than normal enduro racing.

RearBATTLECROSS E50 Extreme 

Tire Size Standard Rim(inch) Appr. Rim(inch) OD(mm) TW(mm) Remarks
NEW140/80-18 M/C 70M W 2.15 2.15~3.50 688 121

Not for use on public roads.