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Built to compete in the most extreme enduro races
Bridgestone’s first ever Gummy (if we can say “gummy”... this is a huge selling point in our market) tire, built to win the most extreme enduro races

This tire uses a competition-only spec soft compound to allow it to tackle hard enduro racing over demanding terrain. It achieves high levels of grip and outstanding traction.
Not for use on public roads.

Recommended for:
○Riders who enjoy the challenge of hard enduro over terrain even more demanding than normal enduro racing.

RearBATTLECROSS E50 Extreme 

Tire Size Standard Rim(inch) Appr. Rim(inch) OD(mm) TW(mm) Remarks
140/80-18 M/C 70M W 2.15 2.15~3.50 688 121