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Automotive Polyurethane Foam ProductsAbout our Seat Pad

Since starting Bridgestone seat pad manufacturing in 1968, our production has expanded globally. Now we supply parts from total of eleven plants in five countries. Assembled into a variety of automobiles with high quality and excellent performance. Bridgestone's advanced technology enables us to meet and exceed various of our customer needs.
Bridgestone can introduce ideas to meet new requirements in a timely manner, creating the superior automotive seat comfort and safety performance around the world.

Wide Variation Foam

From chemical molecular structure design to chemical formulation design and installation to manufacturing plants, Bridgestone is experienced in the wide fields of polyurethane materials.
A wide range of material is available to satisfy various customer requirements with advanced technology based on accumulated history of research and know-how.

Anti-Rolling Foam Technology

Bridgestone focused on passengers rolling mode and vibration during driving conditions, such as lane changes or cornering. This new technology was invented from testing on actual vehicles at Bridgestone Proving Ground, which is also used for tire and anti-vibration rubber product development.
We also evaluated and analyzed conditions using laboratory testing machines. Bridgestone's original comfort evaluation theory, based on simulations of actual human comfort and feel, is applied in the new foam micro structure, designed at a molecular level. Due to this technology being much advanced for automotive comfort, it has been selected for use in sedans.

Product Engineering Technology

Bridgestone's commitment is not only to meet our customers driving comfort requirements through the use of our material technology, but also to create products with reasonable cost by utilizing unique light foam weight process technology.
Bridgestone always contributes to innovative product engineering technology.
It can offer suggestions in a timely manner to meet new requirement, creating excellent automotive comfort that is widely selected around the world.