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Automotive Polyurethane Foam ProductsDevelopment Potential; Sales and Production Structure

There are 2 groups in the Bridgestone Automotive Polyurethane Product portfolio. The first one is the automotive "Seat Pad" for automotive seats. The other one is the automotive "E. A. Pad" (Energy Absorption Pad) for automotive safety. Both of products are selected to many automobiles by our development potential and being supplied to our worldwide customers through our global network.

Development Potential

Material Technology, Evaluation & Analysis Technology and Product Engineering Technology are able to suggest the best solution just in time.

Global Network to cover Customer Needs World Wide

Global Network

Bridgestone is following our customers initiatives for globalization. We supply customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China and Thailand. As our customers accelerate localization activities in each region, Bridgestone is also developing independent facilities in each region to meet future customer expectations.

Global Network

Network in Japan

Global headquarters, technical center , and main customer sales functions are based in Japan. Four manufacturing facilities, including Bridgestone Chemitech Co., Ltd. Nabari, operating as the parent facility, are supplying quality products to our customers with advantage of on-time delivery.

Network in Japan

History of Bridgestone Automotive Polyurethane Foam Products

In 1960, Bridgestone established polyurethane production in Japan. Since then it has expanded into the rapidly growing automotive business . Because of our high quality performance, Bridgestone has been able to expand our network in Japan.
Since 1990, concurrently with the globalization of the automotive industry, Bridgestone has expanded manufacturing to the United States, China and Thailand. Now Bridgestone seat and E. A. foam pads are produced worldwide.

Started Polyurethane foam production.
Polyurethane foam, named "Bridgestone Everlight", was produced mainly for bedding.
Started Automotive Seat Pad production
Seat pad production was started using Hot Cure Molding process.
Started high resilience (HR) seat pad production
Now, HR seat foam pads are the standard globally.
Rapid expansion of the seat pad business
Increased production capacity using HR foam technology in Japan.
Started E. A. foam pad business
Bridgestone started E. A. pad business to meet increasing automotive safety requirements
Started E. A. foam pad production in Ohio, USA.
Started seat pad production in Ohio, USA.

Together with automotive industry globalization, Bridgestone started global expansion from the USA.
Started seat and E. A. pad production in Guangzhou, China
Expanded manufacturing into the fast growing Chinese market by establishing a joint venture with our partner, Guangzhou Automobile Group Component Co., Ltd.
Started seat and E. A. pad production in Tennessee, USA.
To meet customer expansion needs, a second plant was opened in the USA.
Increased capacity by adding a second seat foam line in Guangzhou plant, China
Alongside with customer demand, production volume was increased with an additional foam line.
Started seat pad production in Thailand
Along with automotive manufacturing industry expansion in South East Asia, a new plant was established in Thailand.
Started seat pad production in Wuhan, China
Alongside with automotive industry expansion in central China, a second plant was established in Wuhan.