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Installation example of Bridgestone Bridgestone's seismic isolation bearing-equipped structures

Bridgestone's Seismic isolation bearings are being used in a wide assortment of structures worldwide.


♦Residential Buildings
♦Office Buildings
♦Factory (Precision equipment, Pharmaceutical)
♦Warehouse (Storage of high grade items)
♦Research Facilities
♦Computer Centers
♦City Halls (Office, Court House)
♦Emergency Operation Centers (Police, Fire Stations)
♦Museums, Art Galleries
♦School Buildings
♦Facilities for Elderly


To preserve historical legacy as well as to enhance the safety we have provided seismic isolation bearings for retrofits (existing structures) such as;

♦Historical Buildings
♦Public Hall

▪National Museum of Western Art
▪Chubu University
▪Osaka Central Public Hall
▪Tokyo Station

Super High-rise and High-Rise Buildings

Bridgestone's seismic isolation bearing have been installed in Super High-rise and High-Rise Buildings over 40 stories high.

Overseas Installation

Los Angeles City Hall (Retro Fitting, LA), Pixar Animation (Studio, Oakland), etc.

Tunami Refuge Center, Public Works Office (Office, West Sumatra)
IBIS Hotel (Hotel, West Sumatra)
Gudang Garam Office (Office, Jakarta)

Runtai Project (Condminium, Taipei)
Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Building (Office, Taipei)

High-rise Buildings

Park City Suginami

City Halls

Toyota City Hall

Communication Factory

NTT Docomo Shikoku


Osaka Railway Hospital

Residential Buildings

Park Mansion Suizenji-Park

Residential Buildings

Adel-heim Hachiman-yama

Company Housing

Amitie Sin-Osaka

Research Facility

Bridgestone R&D Center

Overseas Retrofit

Los Angels City Hall

Domestic Retrofit

Osaka Central Public Hall