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High Damping Rubber Bearing (HDR) for Bridges

Using Bridgestone's original high damping rubber marerial, the Menshin device is used for the bridges.


  1. HDR has a good load support ability, restoring force and damping force (energy dispersion). As a result, HDR can be used as a Seismic Isolator.
  2. From the displacement cycle restoring characteristics (load versus displacement loop) for HDR, it shows that HDR can maximize the Trigger Effect against the wind load and the Intensity Resistance effect for earthquake forces.
  3. No other devices for the Seismic Isolator are needed. Therefore, it is easy to construct and maintain. It is also cost-effective.
  4. There will be almost no residual displacement even after big earthquakes. Furthermore, there will be no significant change of characteristics, so replacement is not necessary.
  5. Changes in HDR's stiffness and damping performance due to temperature are minor allowing it to be used in various climates.
  6. HDR is newly developed rubber material, so its creep characteristic is superior to natural rubber.
  7. The HDR is covered with a layer of EPDM rubber. This EPDM rubber protects the internal rubber from ozone and ultraviolet attack. It is designed for high durability.

Supply Record

Yama-age Bridge (Tochigi Prefecture)

Rubber covered preventing collapse of bridges "Znaidal"

Znaidal consists of rubber and a metal chain, and it has a horseshoe shape. This structure is flexible, so Znaidal can reduce the impact of an earthquake and prevent collapse of bridges.

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Function of Znaidal

Function of Znaidal

Example of installation

Example of installation