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Multi-Rubber Bearing is the example of Bridgestone's cutting-edge technology with practical safety applications.


(1) High reliability

  1. Proven track record:
    Since 1984, Bridgestone MRBs have pioneered the way in seismic isolating rubber bearings.
  2. No damage during recent large earthquake:
    During the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, Bridgestone MRB-equipped buildings withstood a large tremor without damage - a design that lived up to the required performance.

(2) Superior quality

Since the founding of Bridgestone, the company principle requires that only the highest quality products be delivered to the market. Our MRB manufacturing line incorporates this Quality First concept.

All production steps from the rubber material procurement, mixing, processing, manufacturing, and inspection are checked for quality, resulting in a continuous supply of premium products.

(3) High durability

Accelerated heat-aging tests have confirmed the Bridgestone MRB has the necessary durability.

(4) In-depth expertise

As a pioneer in the Industry, Bridgestone has been deeply involved in the research and development of seismic isolating rubber bearings.

Bridgestone’s unprecedented number of test results put its MRB on the cutting edge of technology.

(5) Wide capability of manufacturing, testing and inspection

  1. Manufacturing;
    Bridgestone possesses the capacity to produce sizes from small diameters up to 1,600 mm diameters.
  2. Testing and Inspection;
    Bridgestone has the largest test machine for multi-layer rubber in Japan, and our quality control system ensures that only premium quality products are provided.

(6) An assortment of rubber bearings to choose from

Bridgestone offers a complete assortment of bearings to the Industry;

  • High Damping Rubber
  • Natural Rubber
  • Elastic Sliding Bearing

We can produce the ideal seismic isolating system to meet your needs.

World's largest 32MN Biaxial Tester
(We have 10MN,20MN testers)

Horizontal Test


Bridgestone started R&D in 1980, and supplied isolators to first seismically isolated buildings in Japan (1982).
In the current stage, accelerating phase to the high and stable growth depend on the world wide market demand.

Start R&D of seismic Isolation Bearing at Bridgestone (Tokyo R&D Center).
Natural Rubber Bearing on the market.
High Damping Rubber Bearing on the market (H Type)
Starting Global Expansion Developing Market on U.S.A Projects (1991~, Los Angels City Hall etc.) .
The Hyogoken Nanbu Earthquake.
Lead Plug Rubber Bearing on the market.
32MN Testing Machine Operation Started.
Advanced Technology of HDR as Key Device).
High Damping Rubber Bearing on the market (E Type).
Slider Bearing on the market.
The Niigataken Chuetsu Earthquake.

Layout Planning Assistance Program with Time History Analysis was Released.
ISO 22761~22763 taken effected.
High Damping Rubber Bearing on the market (X Type).

The Touhoku Earthquake.
Advanced Global Expansion Developing Market on Indonesia Projects.
Developing Market on Taiwan Projects.
eRB Isolator on the market.
JIS K6410-1~2 taken effected.


The Main Plant for the Chemical and Industrial Products

The Yokohama Plant began operation in july 1938 as a reclaimed rubber plant. When it first opened, it manufactured products such as antivibration rubber in addition to reclaimed rubber. Later,after bicycle tires, golf balls, and other products began to be manufactured at the plant, it was reorganized in 1963 into a plant specialized in non-tire products, known collectivily as chemical and industrials products.
Since its reorganization it has manufactured a wide variety of products for an array of customers, as the main plant in the chemical and industrial products business.

The Core Facility Developing Technology for Chemical and Industrial Products

As the center for developing technology for chemical and industrial products, the Chemical & Industrial Technical Center (KTC) was built in April 2000 on the site of the Yokohama Plant, using a baseisolated structure (with multi-rubber bearings installed underground). The Research & Development Center for Chemical & Industrial Products (KRC) was added in November 2007, employing a mid-story isolation structure(with multi-rubber bearings installed between the first and second floors). Bridgestone has thus complated a physical infrastructure for research into new technologies and development of new products to support the chemical and industrial products business in future.