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The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) is the world’s premier solar-powered car race. Competing cars travel over 3,000 kilometers from Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory to Adelaide in South Australia over the course of about five days using only the solar energy. Various types of solar cars that carry the dreams of the young engineers who designed them compete for the future.

2023 BWSC SCHEDULE Event Schedule

  • October 13Static scrutineering commences
  • October 19Dynamic scrutineering commences, Team briefing, Media briefing
  • October 20Ceremonial Start
  • October 23Ceremonial Finish Line opens
  • October 27Award Ceremony


32 Years of Advanced Automotive Technology Development

The World Solar Challenge began in 1982 when Danish adventurer Hans Tholstrup and Australian race car driver Larry Perkins made their way across Australia in their solar car, “Quiet Achiever”.
Their journey proved how effective solar energy could be in powering vehicles.
Following their journey, the South Australian Tourism Commission became the pioneer sponsor for the first World Solar Challenge held in 1987. Since then, this race promotes the development of automotive technology and alternative energy source for vehicles. The World Solar Challenge became a biennial event in 1999, with regulations updated every 18 months according to the latest technological developments. In the previous event of 2015, the Cruiser Class was introduced to promote the development of practical solar cars.
This year, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is celebrating its 30th anniversary.
Bridgestone has been the title sponsor of this event since 2013.