Bridgestone Introduces BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S20Focus on performance in both dry and wet conditions

Tokyo (November 7, 2011) Bridgestone Corporation will launch the BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S20 sport radial motorcycle tire on January 1, 2012. The new tire will be launched first in Europe and then globally*. The tire will be available in four front sizes and seven rear sizes, and all will be offered under open pricing.

The S20, which incorporates the innovative technologies developed for MotoGP tires, is one of Bridgestone's sport radial premium brand products. Using new patterns and new compounds, in the S20 Bridgestone offers durability and long wear life while improving grip performance at both high temperatures and low temperatures, such as immediately after start and in wet conditions. Also, by optimizing the tire structure in the S20, Bridgestone was able to increase the running contact pressure and contact surface and focus on high performance in dry conditions and stable handling.

MotoGP Technology

The BATTLAX series is Bridgestone's premium brand of on-road motorcycle tires. The top of the line of the BATTLAX tires are the MotoGP class tires used in the FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) road race series, for which Bridgestone is the official tire supplier. Bridgestone offers a wide range of BATTLAX tires, from touring to racing and from small motorcycles to large motorcycles.

With an abundant lineup of motorcycle tires, including the BATTLAX series, Bridgestone will strive to continue to support comfortable riding for many riders in the years ahead. 。

※On sale in Japan from February 1, 2012. Plans also call for launch in North America, Central and South America, Asia, and Oceania. 。

An overview of the product is as follows.

1. Product name: BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S20

Front tires
Rear tires

2. Principal technologies and product features
(1)New pattern
Through the optimization of groove positioning and the use of wide grooves, the tire offers both comfortable handling and improved grip performance in dry and wet conditions.

New pattern(image)
*1 . Angle of the vehicle on that road.
*2 .Negative ratio: Ratio of tire tread surface (contact area) to groove surface.

(2) New compound
Continued use of NanoPro-Tech*, RC Polymer (for motorcycle tires). All aspects of compound composition were reevaluated, and as a result Bridgestone was able to maintain long wear life while achieving high grip performance in a wide range of temperature conditions, from high to low.

*NanoPro-Tech is the name of a technology that facilitates the realization of the required features in a tire by controlling the material microstructure through structural design at the molecular level. It is one of Bridgestone's fundamental technologies.

Compound Features (Image)
Compound Features (Image)

(3) 3LC (3 Layer Compound): Optimized tread pattern design
By optimizing tread pattern design for the new compound, Bridgestone has achieved high levels of both wear life and grip performance.

Tread pattern design (Image)

3. Size list
130/70ZR16 M/C (61W)
110/70ZR17 M/C (54W)
120/60ZR17 M/C (55W)
120/70ZR17 M/C (58W)
150/60ZR17 M/C (66W)
160/60ZR17 M/C (69W)
170/60ZR17 M/C (72W)
180/55ZR17 M/C (73W)
190/50ZR17 M/C (73W)
190/55ZR17 M/C (75W)
200/50ZR17 M/C (75W)

About Bridgestone Corporation:
Bridgestone Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is the world’s largest tire and rubber company. In addition to tires for use in a wide variety of applications, it also manufactures a broad range of diversified products, which include industrial rubber and chemical products and sporting goods. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.