Bridgestone to Raise Tire Prices in Japan

Tokyo (Feb. 9, 2011) – Bridgestone Corporation today announced that, effective June 1, 2011, it will raise the prices of tires, tubes and flaps sold in the replacement market in Japan. This price increase applies to both summer and winter tires. Average tire price increases include 8.0 percent for passenger car, light truck and motorcycle tires, 15.0 percent for off-the-road tires for construction and mining vehicles, 10.0 percent for other kinds of tires, including those used on industrial vehicles and agricultural equipment, and 10.0 percent for tubes and flaps. Bridgestone previously announced that effective March 1, 2011, it will raise by an average of 7.0 percent the prices of truck and bus tires sold in the replacement market.

The price of natural rubber has continued to increase at an unprecedented rate. In addition, the price of petrochemical-based materials such as synthetic rubber and carbon black remain at high levels.

Bridgestone makes every effort to absorb cost fluctuations through efficiencies; however, the widespread rise in the cost of raw materials makes these price adjustments necessary.

About Bridgestone Corporation:
Bridgestone Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is the world's largest tire and rubber company. In addition to tires for use in a wide variety of applications, it also manufactures a broad range of diversified products, which include industrial rubber and chemical products and sporting goods. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.