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Advanced Compounds

Cut & Gouge Resistant Compound - Bridgestone's FXS -

Belt surface condition where Bridgestone FXS should be selected.

Bridgestone Cut & Gouge resistant compound FXS is Bridgestone original compound specially developed for large hard rock ore transportation.
Since the first introduction to market, FXS has been recognized as an optimum compound for Cut & Gouging operation among hard rock mining markets in the world.
The Bridgestone success of FXS compound development is attributed to skilled R&D technology with regard to rubber compound development and high-tech simulation technology.

Cut and Impact Resistant Test

Cut Resistance Index
The cut resistance test indicates Bridgestone FXS is double the resistance to cut damage than global standard DINX rubber.

Cut tips are dropped onto rubber samples. Depth of cut should be one of cut resistance index.

Bridgestone FEM analysis technology. High-tech simulation methodology is essential to accelerate its development.

Comparison between standard & FXS in laboratory

Comparison between standard & FXS in laboratory