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Seismic Base Isolation System

New Structure Technology - "Seismic Base Isolation System", proven during large-scale earth tremors

To reduce the potential damage caused by earthquakes, past methods increased the building rigidity by adding shear walls or braced frames. The "Seismic Base Isolation System" is a flexible approach for isolating the structure from the ground, reducing seismic shock propagation into the structure.
In addition to reducing the chance of structural damage, the "Seismic Base Isolation System" also minimizes secondary damage to equipment inside the building such as computers, precision instruments, medical equipment and communications systems.

The "Seismic Base Isolation System" is installed between the ground and the upper structure. The Bridgestone Multi-Rubber Bearing is an isolating rubber bearing proven to be an ideal solution for seismic base isolation.

Seismic Base Isolation System