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Technology - EXEDRA MAX Technology

State-of-the-art pattern designs created specially for cruisers

It takes about five years to develop a tread pattern design. That's how much time it takes to develop a new concept and test it over and over again on actual road conditions. EXEDRA has developed countless numbers of patterns in its over 20-year history. EXEDRA MAX is the culmination of such knowhow, providing riders of Japanese cruisers the world over with optimum, cutting-edge patterns. In doing so, it's managed to reduce pattern noise and achieve superior environment performance.

a. Inverted groove design

With conventional tire patterns, the V-shaped grooves are arranged so that the tip of the V is pointing in the direction of the rotation. Tests have shown, however, that an inverted V helps reduce the wear and tear on the front tire when braking. That's why EXEDRA MAX has adopted an inverted groove design to achieve long life.

b. Center groove

Central grooves running circumferentially around the tire provide enhanced water evacuation properties, creating excellent wet grip and riding comfort.

c. Second groove

The grooves to the left and right are a combination of relatively short, straight lines, providing ideal rigidity and linear handling.

d. Center rib

The center of the tread has a small negative ratio, with reduced grooves and a wide contact area to increase traction and wear resistance.

e. Second groove

The grooves to the left and right are a combination of relatively short, straight lines, providing superb water evacuation properties, rigidity and linear handling.


Optimum structure and compound for each model size

EXEDRA MAX is available in an abundant lineup of sizes to fit all Japanese cruisers. The culmination of Bridgestone's many years of experience and knowhow, EXEDRA MAX comes in three basic structures: radial, bias and belted bias, with the optimum compound available for each size. The ideal tire for cruisers, EXEDRA MAX provides excellent grip and high line traceability even with heavy loads or tandem riding. Enjoy the linear, superb handling that makes you forget the presence of tires.


The optimum crown shape for cruisers

Cruisers are designed for long straights. EXEDRA MAX features rear tires with a large curve shape to provide excellent stability on straight roads. It also offers high stability and superb line-holding during cornering as well as reduced abrasion.