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Message - The passion behind the development of EXEDRA MAX

Reliable and packed with knowhow, it remains the most popular choice for Japanese cruisers

Developed primarily for Japanese cruisers, the EXEDRA series was introduced in 1984. Thanks to on going development with motorcycle manufacturers, it remains the most popular choice for Japanese cruisers the world over. EXEDRA MAX is the culmination of this impressive technology.
Cruisers, as you well know, are heavyweight, long-distance touring bikes with a distinct riding style. Because of their characteristic long front forks, there tends to be more load on the rear tire than on the front. But the front-rear weight distribution, the height of the center of gravity, the wheelbase, the front fork angle, the traction determined by engine power, and the speed range differs from model to model, calling for different tire performance. It's no exaggeration to say that each tire is designed separately for each model.
The reason why EXEDRA remains the most popular choice for Japanese cruisers sold throughout the world is because it's based on many years of experience in developing tire structures, tread pattern designs, shapes and compounds, and the ability and knowhow to apply that technology to creating the optimum tire for each model. EXEDRA MAX is the culmination of such knowhow. Honed and developed on harsh road conditions throughout the world, it's designed to meet the performance needs of all Japanese cruisers.

Allowing riders to experience the joy of riding without feeling the tires

Cruisers are designed for long-distance touring which is why comfort is a key factor in riding performance. The superb riding comfort offered by high-tech Japanese cruisers has been proven time and time again. These are bikes that have won the hearts of people with an independent spirit and a willingness to accept new values.
EXEDRA MAX is the ultimate cruiser tire, providing riders with such comfort that they are able to forget the presence of tires. If a rider feels the tires, that means that performance is uneven, with an emphasis on certain characteristics. We at Bridgestone feel that such distinctive tires cause fatigue and are therefore unsuitable for long distance touring.
Cruiser tires should offer straight, long distant stability, riding comfort and superb controllability. They should also be able to withstand wear and tear over a long period and maintain optimum performance.
EXEDRA MAX was developed to maximize overall performance by achieving an optimum balance of all the necessary factors in a tire. The aim was to provide riders with such comfort that they would feel as if they were one with their bikes. Choose EXEDRA MAX for the ultimate in riding comfort.