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The Bridgestone Group’s People Priority Area mission is to “employ its strengths to support communities and enhance the way people live, learn and work.” It is doing so by contributing to a safer society, supporting accessible and inclusive education, and promoting healthier communities.

Employ our strengths to support our communities and enhance the way people live, learn and work

We, the Bridgestone Group, are committed to utilizing our strengths and competencies to address health, safety and education issues in our communities.

  • Contributing to a safer society
    Building safer communities through services, products, and company and individual initiatives.
  • Accessible and inclusive education
    Expanding education and training opportunities in order to develop job and life skills.
  • Promoting healthier communities
    Promoting access to the resources people need to lead healthier lives.

As a global organization with operations in more than 150 countries, the Bridgestone Group is uniquely positioned to co-create long-term social and customer value in communities around the world.

It does so by working collaboratively with customers, employees and partners to develop sustainable community solutions that positively impact a wide variety of cultures facing unique challenges. Although this work tends to be longer-term, when urgent support is essential — for example, in times of disaster — the Group also steps up to immediately support its communities.

Supporting communities is part of the Group’s Sustainability Framework as it builds trust to propagate value co-creation. The efforts are intended to enhance the well-being of people in communities where the Group operates and are instrumental to realizing its goal of societies where all people can live Active and Healthy Lifestyles. To achieve this aim, the Group focuses its strengths and competencies on building safer, healthier communities and making education more accessible and inclusive for current and future generations.

Supporting Active and Healthy Lifestyles

The Group aims to become a leading model of an inclusive society by promoting Active and Healthy Lifestyles. By helping to address social issues in Japan such as elderly and people with physical challenges are facing, the Group is co-creating value with communities and partners. Multiple stakeholders, including other companies, a research institute and other partners are collaborating with the Group to support all people within the community.

Road safety education programs

After inventorying existing programs and considering local, regional and global needs, the Group’s People Priority Area efforts are directed toward contributing to a safer society by focusing on disaster and emergency relief efforts; supporting accessible education for next generations; and promoting healthier communities by introducing initiatives that align with the agenda of the World Health Organization to meet global and regional challenges. Given its foundation as a tire company, the Bridgestone Group understands that road safety is essential to mobility systems and resilient communities, and is a key initiative within these three goals.

Teens Drive Smart (United States)

Making smart decisions behind the wheel is arguably the most important thing to teach new generations of drivers, and, as part of the mobility and people priority areas of our corporate responsibility commitment, the Bridgestone Group takes this duty to provide accessible road safety education very much to heart.

Each year, Bridgestone Americas (BSAM) runs a free, half-day Teens Drive Smart training program for first-time drivers at BSAM’ headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Professional driving instructors combine classroom instruction with practical driving exercises focusing on eliminating distracted driving behaviors, improving practical driving skills and teaching teens how to perform routine vehicle and tire maintenance.

Since its launch in 2010, over 4,600 young people have taken part in our Teens Drive Smart workshops.

For more details, please visit our website.

Think Before You Drive (Central and South America)

Safe driving requires a clear head, an acute awareness of the rules, and a roadworthy vehicle.

Think Before You Drive is a road safety campaign, launched in 2005, that seeks to remind drivers of the importance of road safety through education programs and materials as part of our quest to keep our communities safe.

The campaigns remind drivers to follow basic rules for safe travel with families and friends such as always wearing seatbelts, using car seats, aligning and balancing tires and checking maximum vehicle load, while also offering more practical aid such as free tire pressure and wear inspections, and advice on how to keep vehicles in top condition.

In Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, our Think Before you Drive education programs are conducted in partnership with schools, universities and government agencies with the aim of promoting safe driving behavior to reduce traffic accidents and dangerous driving situations. Since 2016, they have reached more than 32,000 drivers.

The Bridgestone Traffic Education Project (Brazil)

The Bridgestone Traffic Education Project debuted in Brazil in 2018 to raise awareness of road safety with young children and teenagers. Since then, more than 6,000 students in five schools across the country have learned about creating a safer driving community. Bridgestone Americas also gave its Interactive Road Game to local Departments of Education to further this important training.

Sharing stories of near-miss situations (Europe, Middle East and Africa)

Employees from eight countries and 13 sites in Bridgestone Europe, Middle East and Africa shared personal stories of near-miss situations. Stories were translated, illustrated, some of them put into videos and all posted online to be seen and shared with anyone to learn from these experiences and avoid similar situations. About 3,800 people visited the website.

Road safety awareness class (Spain)

In Madrid, more than 200 students studying to be mechanics learned to better understand the challenges facing pedestrians who are vision-impaired or have other disabilities during driving simulations cosponsored by BSEMIA and Fundtrafic.

Distributing reflective bands to pedestrians and bicycle riders (Poland)

More than 1,000 pedestrians and bicycle riders in Poznan, Poland received reflective bands from the Bridgestone Test Dummy to help them be more protected at night. Because the program took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, residents also received face masks and hand sanitizer.

Safe way to school campaign (Germany)

Bridgestone Deutschland GmbH is supporting the road traffic safety education activities being undertaken by an NGO. Receiving backing from the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and police, these activities protect children from road traffic accidents on the way to and from school. Since 2007, Bridgestone Deutschland GmbH proposes and distributes to nursery schools throughout Germany educational materials with the aim of developing physical ability for children to not to be involved in road traffic accidents. Since 2013, Bridgestone Deutschland GmbH also implemented a road safety campaign in major cities. Aimed at accident prevention, the campaign involved the distribution of leaflets that informed parents and children of the dangers on the way to and from school as well as the conducting of educational activities on road safety. Since 2013, around 170,000 brochures have been distributed to future first graders and their parents.

Eyes on the Road campaign (Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Helping professional drivers operate safely also is a priority of the Bridgestone Group. In 2020, a one-month Bridgestone-led “Eyes on the Road” campaign helped truck drivers in Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia understand the importance of physical fitness and eye health to safely performing their jobs.

Brake and tire watch (South Africa)

In association with FleetWatch magazine and other industry partners, Bridgestone South Africa has participated in Brake and Tire Watch, a program aimed at empowering traffic officials to identify unroadworthy vehicles on the roads, as well as to increase transport operator awareness of efficient braking and tire checking. Traffic authorities are taught about the importance of safe tires, tire faults, functional brakes and other visual safety components. Trucks or buses found to be unroadworthy are then removed from the road and issued with discontinuation notices. So far, the program has trained more than 1,200 traffic officials and inspected more than 400 vehicles, of which 60% were not in roadworthy condition. Through these activities, Bridgestone contributes to a safer society.

Road safety workshop for high school students (Australia and New Zealand)

In Australia and New Zealand, BSCAP continued its sponsorship of a highly engaging one-day road safety workshop with RYDA at two high schools. Since beginning this partnership, more than 1,650 students have learned how to stay safe on the road, as both drivers and passengers.

Distributing safety helmets to children (Vietnam)

In Vietnam, where motorbikes are the most prevalent form of personal transportation, Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam LLC partnered with local tire dealer Xuan Tung to conduct road safety training sessions with local high school, as well as donated 900 safety helmets to the school children to promote road safety habits.

Logistic team deliver training to drive road safety awareness (Vietnam)

Our technical team in Vietnam provided in 2020 onsite training on road safety and tire safety knowledge to Yusen Logistics – our fleet customer who is the largest logistic provider in Vietnam. Road Safety stickers for trucks were also distributed to further encourage road safety practices.

Safety driving and traffic rules (Thailand)

Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. continued to support the Department of Land Transportation Thailand, in providing training course on "Safety driving & Traffic rules" for new drivers. Participants who successfully pass the series of trainings and tests are awarded their driving license at the end of the course. This Driving License Training Program has been ongoing since 1990, benefiting over 42,300 participants to date. The program has been conducted six times per year in Bangkok and in other provinces.

Safe mobility for truck drivers (India)

To help ensure safe mobility on the road and reduce the number of traffic accidents, Bridgestone India Private Ltd. focused on developing truck driving skills and providing a vision correction program for truckers. The Group implemented both initiatives with the help of its employee volunteers. To date, 450 youths have been trained as skilled commercial drivers, 6,250 truckers have undergone vision check-ups and treatment, with 2,520 spectacles distributed to truckers for vision correction. Additionally, the program provided counseling sessions focused on adopting healthier lifestyles.

Tire safety campaign (India)

Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd. conducted the campaign which was aimed at educating car users with importance of tire maintenance for safe journey. Customers were imparted with information on tire maintenance and various tire check-up services which included checking Tread depth, Tread wear, Tire Damages, Inflation Pressure & benefits of using Nitrogen gas for inflating tires. Tire safety booklet was also given to all the car users who come to the campaign. With the intent to reach maximum people, the campaign was organized at pan India at various locations like expressway, select/super select stores, housing societies, corporate houses etc.

Road repair and winter tire refresh (China)

Villagers in Weihai were struggling with seriously damaged roads that were affecting their safety as they drove and walked. As public funding was low in this remote town, Bridgestone worked with the local government to repair these roads, which enabled safer travels for 200 villagers.

In addition, Bridgestone worked with seven police stations throughout Hegang, Heilongjiang province, together with local tire shops, and outfitted police cars with winter tires to ensure safer travels before the long and snowy winters descended. Bridgestone also gave lectures on tire safety in winter to the police and local residents to promote road safety practices.

Teaching children about bicycle safety (Japan)

Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. has been working with the Japan Traffic Safety Education Association to hold a special training course on the safe riding of bicycles at local kindergartens, day care centers, and elementary schools in Ageo City since 2005. The participating children carry out activities to learn best practices for the safe riding of bicycles. Highlight topics include "safety checks before riding," the "importance of wearing helmets," "how to cross intersections and crossings," and "precautions to take when passing parked cars." Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. provides the bicycles used for the course and takes part in bicycle safety checks.

Contributing to a safer society Contributing to a safer society

Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and others strike quickly and can have devastating effects on communities. Bridgestone has numerous initiatives underway to help support people experiencing natural disasters.

Bridge to Knowledge campaign (Vietnam)

The Bridgestone Group is making community safety more sustainable with its services, products and initiatives. For example, during Vietnam’s rainy seasons, many of the country’s worn-out wooden bridges pose significant safety challenges for people commuting to work and school. To help, the Bridge to Knowledge campaign, led by Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC, pledged to build 20 bridges across flood-prone Vietnam by 2030, and to maintain the bridges for 10 years. In 2020, the Group built three new bridges that provide safe access to educational facilities for students from over 1,000 households.

Supporting communities in times of need during natural disasters (Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam)

Amidst the fight against COVID-19, Bridgestone continued to provide humanitarian aid to support the communities suffering from natural disasters. In early 2020, Bridgestone in Australia donated funds to aid in recovery of animals and their habitats affected by the bushfires, and also provided support to those who had lost their families through fire-fighting. Similarly, in Thailand, Bridgestone helped to re-stock the supply of necessary items for fire-fighters dealing with wildfires across Thailand.

At the same time, Jakarta and West Java regions in Indonesia were struck by heavy rains in the first two months of 2020, causing floods and typhoons, affecting millions of families in Indonesia and submerged many homes. Bridgestone provided essential groceries and supplies to tide these families through the difficult period.

Later in the year, parts of Vietnam experienced their worst floods and landslides in two decades, affecting millions of people, among which 2.5 million are children. To aid families struggling in severe circumstances, Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam LLC and Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC, in partnership with local dealers Tan Hoang Gia and Dang Thao, donated jackets, electric kettles, rice cookers and cash to 300 families in Quang Binh province and 100 families in Quang Tri province.

Assuring food security during trying times (Singapore)

2020 was a year which brought unprecedented challenges, but at the same time, saw heart-warming actions that went into aid. Bridgestone Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. and Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte. Ltd. supported Food Bank Singapore’s “Let the Feeding Continue” initiative, which redistributes food to communities in need, including families and migrant workers whose lives were disrupted during the pandemic. Bridgestone also donated tires to Food Bank Singapore’s delivery fleet to help reinforce safe transport while distributing food to the needy.

Disaster control center (United States)

Bridgestone Americas owns and operates a weather center in one of its tire manufacturing facilities in the state of Tennessee, USA. The center includes weather spotter cameras, a local weather scanner and current weather radar, giving the ability to predict weather patterns. This facility can alert surrounding areas when inclement weather such as typhoons and cyclones is imminent or occurring in the area.

Seismic isolation bearing

In 1983, the Bridgestone Group developed high-quality, highly-functioning seismic isolation bearings by applying tire manufacturing technologies. Today, as the leading manufacturer of seismic isolation bearings for buildings in Japan, these products are utilized in a wide range of public and private buildings, including logistics facilities that are becoming increasingly important as e-commerce increases due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Group also used bearings for the Bridgestone Innovation Park, which is currently under construction.

In addition, more than 73,000 people (as of the end of 2020) have learned about the key role of seismic isolation technology in disaster prevention via experiential information vehicles that visit educational institutions and local community events.

Accessible and inclusive education Accessible and inclusive education

Education is essential for developing life and career skills, which is why the Bridgestone Group supports accessible and inclusive education in the communities in which it operates.

Vocational training facility (Indonesia)

In 1981, Bridgestone was one of the first companies in Indonesia to respond to the government’s request to address the shortage of skilled manpower in the country by creating and operating the Loka Latihan Keterampilan (LLK) vocational training program at our Bekasi manufacturing facility. Now in its 37th year, Bridgestone Indonesia accepts 48 students every two years into the residential program focusing on mechanical and electrical skills. To date, more than 50 percent of the program’s 754 graduates have chosen to build their careers at the Bridgestone Group.

Happy Tangram Project (China)

Bridgestone China, Asia Pacific (CAP)’s Happy Tangram Project in China provides students in rural areas with otherwise precious art, music and physical education classes. Since 2009, the company has also donated more than 102,000 books and established 40 libraries through this project.

U-Camp project (Thailand)

Bridgestone Thailand’s U-Camp project led by employees at our Nong Khae facility provides leadership development skills to students at 14 universities.

Career training for women (India)

To increase financial independence for women in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Bridgestone India has partnered with the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ladies Organization since 2018 to provide training for women to start their own businesses or become nurses or delivery personnel.

Educational support program (India)

In India, many people living in rural areas are deprived of basic educational infrastructure due to economic reasons. Bridgestone provided school facilities and educational materials to children with limited educational opportunities living near the Chakan plant at our affiliate company in India, Bridgestone India Private Limited (BSID). By supporting educational opportunities for children, the company helps foster educational opportunities that can break the chain of poverty.

Automotive training centers (United States)

The Group is training the next generation of automotive service professionals. In Nashville, Tennessee, U.S., BSAM sponsors the Maplewood High School Automotive Training Center, and in Akron, Ohio, U.S., it sponsors the Bridgestone Academy of Applied Engineering & Technology at East Community Learning Center. Both schools host a near-replica Firestone Complete Auto Care store and training curriculum. Since 2015, 39 students have been hired by the Bridgestone Group from the Nashville program and 90 students are currently studying in the Akron program. Increasingly, women are pursuing the automotive service profession and receiving great training at these BSAM-sponsored programs.

Driving Great Futures campaign (United States)

BSAM has long partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). In 2020, customers donated 3.6 million USD to the Bridgestone Driving Great Futures partnership that supports BGCA. Among other uses, these funds provided technology grants to help BGCA participants adapt to remote learning.

Research shows that the more children attend the club, the greater their chances for academic and social success, so Bridgestone Retail Operations offers financial grants to help clubs with vehicle maintenance and, in some cases, with the purchase of new vans to transport children to and from clubs.

Bridgestone Corporate University Training Center (Argentina)

Established in 2003, Bridgestone Corporate University (BCU) provides education and training opportunities to employees, suppliers, local citizens and other stakeholders. The Center was opened in 2015 to foster specific training and education aligned with the Argentinian curriculum. Since opening, the Center has spent a total of 2,100,000 hours on training, more than 500 people have graduated from BCU and over 8,900 stakeholders have received training.

Tire technician training for disadvantaged students (Turkey)

In Turkey, Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı Lastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Brisa), Bridgestone's affiliated company, is helping disadvantaged and underprivileged people secure employment as tire service technicians. Since, 2010, Brisa has trained about 5,000 students. Most recently, two innovative new programs trained 26 women technicians, the first women in the tire sector to work in local dealers, and at least 50 people currently in prison are receiving technician training to help them reintegrate into society. Additionally, more than 5,000 students have taken free courses offered in vocational high schools; 65 of these students now work with Brisa dealers.

Featherstone program: Tire technician training for inmates (United Kingdom)

BSEMIA is helping people incarcerated at the Featherstone prison in Staffordshire, U.K. prepare for a successful career as tire technicians when they are released. About 30 inmates are training to receive Institute of the Motor Industry accreditation credentials, leveraging Bridgestone’s well-regarded REACT Roadside Tyre Technician Training.

Traineeship for high-school science students (Italy)

Traineeships for high-school science students were held at our Bridgestone EMIA Technology Center in Rome offering an inside look at careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and confirming our commitment to expand education and training opportunities in order to develop job and life skills. In 2018, 124 students participated in this program.

Lecture for bachelor of mechanics students (Spain)

Volunteer Spanish employees give lectures to bachelor of mechanics students. In 2018, 200 students participated in the lecture.

Training programs (Spain)

In Spain, the Bridgestone Group provides machine-engineering training for young people with intellectual disabilities. The 400-hour program can be adapted to suit the intellectual level of each participant.

Global Communication Class (Japan)

In Japan, Bridgestone Corporation held a Global Communication Class for junior high school students. Employees shared their experiences helping the Group expand its business globally. This gave participants an opportunity to understand the importance and challenges of communicating effectively with a wide variety of people. The Corporation also has been holding environmental programs since 2004 and has reached 29,000 students to date. It plans to continue these efforts in 2021 and beyond.

Plant management game (Japan)

In Japan, Bridgestone Group employees visit elementary schools and teach children about manufacturing and Bridgestone’s initiatives to improve the environment. Using a fun board game, children get to experience plant management virtually and think about the environment and work.

Promoting healthier communities Promoting healthier communities

Helping people live healthier lives is another of the many ways the Bridgestone Group makes its communities and society more resilient.

Nursery rhyme reminder for breast cancer checks (China, Asia Pacific)

To encourage healthier communities in the region and join the fight against cancer, BSCAP collaborated with the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) to develop a first-of-its-kind nursery rhyme campaign titled “Molly Monkey Sings and Saves.” The campaign uses the familiar tune of ‘Wheels on the Bus’, to illustrate how to conduct a breast self-check, serving as an important reminder for women to take charge of their health through regular self-examination.
In 2019, more than 5,000 participants in Singapore’s Pink Ribbon Walk learned of the campaign that encourages children to remind their mothers of this important health check.


Bridgestone Asia Pacific scores two awards at the Global CSR Awards for the third consecutive year

Bridgestone Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (Bridgestone Asia Pacific) has won two awards at the 12th Annual Global CSR Awards 2020. Out of over 300 submissions by more than 120 companies, the company clinched Platinum - the highest honor for CSR Leadership - for its various ongoing initiatives to raise awareness and support the research and prevention of cancer across China and Asia Pacific region. Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC, a group company of Bridgestone Asia Pacific, also won Gold Award for Best Community Program for its “Bridgestone Squad – Complete Safety for Children in 2019” campaign which focuses on improving access to education, increasing employment opportunities as well as promoting traffic safety through education.

This is the third consecutive year that Bridgestone Asia Pacific and its group companies are being recognized for its CSR initiatives at the Global CSR Awards organized by The Pinnacle Group International. The Global CSR Awards is one of Asia’s most prominent CSR Awards that recognizes innovative and outstanding CSR programs that demonstrate the company’s leadership and commitment towards being ethical and respectful towards individuals, communities and the environment in the way they do business.

For more details and the CSR programs, please see the press release.

Improving employee fitness (China & Asia Pacific)

As a firm believer in the power of sports to excite and unite, BSCAP launched a regional step challenge to encourage employee fitness by unlocking donations to UNICEF and societies and foundations related to cancer. For the first time, employees used the Bridgestone Group's BS-Fit mobile app, which enables them to track their steps and maintain health. In 2019, more than 20,000 employees participated, logging more than 15 billion steps and unlocking donations of USD 113,000.

Health camp (India)

BSEMIA helped neighbors near its India operations by organizing a health camp that offered regular check-ups and hemoglobin, diabetes, blood pressure and calcium tests. The Health Camp also provided medicine free of charge to those in need.

Health screening events for women (India)

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on March 8. In recognition, Bridgestone India in 2019 organized 11 breast cancer and other health screening events for more than 100 women in rural health centers across Khed taluka, Maharashtra, India. In addition to tests for breast and cervical cancer, blood pressure and diabetes, women received a free supply of protein, iron and calcium supplements for their overall health.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace (United States)

Within its own operations, Bridgestone Americas works to create a diverse and inclusive workplace by offering five employee resources groups (ERGs). Open to all, ERGs support employees, create opportunities to engage in community-service volunteerism, and offer learning and development opportunities. ERGs include:

  • BRAVO community of veterans and veteran supporters;
  • BWIN dedicated to helping female employees thrive and lead;
  • BNEXTGEN supporting the growth and development of young professionals;
  • BProud! encouraging an environment of inclusiveness and collaboration; and,
  • BBOLD empowering an inclusive community of Black/Africa American employees and allies.
  • BUnidos promoting inclusiveness and professional growth of Latinx, Hispanic and ally employees.

For more details, please see “Respecting diversity and inclusion.

Bridgestone Solidarity Caravan (Argentina)

Imagine a caravan of Bridgestone Group vehicles traveling the mountainous, difficult terrain of Argentina to bring much needed supplies to remote, usually indigenous communities. That is exactly what the Bridgestone Solidarity Caravan has been providing since 2010. Employees collect medicine, clothing, school and cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils and furniture and then deliver them during a week-long journey. Along the way, Caravan members help make improvements to schools and communities such as installing solar panels and pumps for drinking water.

Initiatives to improve healthcare services (Spain)

Since 1970, company doctors and employees at the Bilbao Plant have been contributing to local communities through healthcare service initiatives. These include blood donations, training and conferences on occupational medicine and ultrasonography, medical equipment and medicine donations, and Christmas parties for hospitalized children. Recently the plant installed automated external defibrillators (AED) and taught employees how to use them. In addition, the plant made installed AED available to the local community by mobile application.

Employees working at the plant also benefit from health services such as echography and other medical examinations, preventive health campaigns (targeting cancer, hypertension, obesity, tetanus, etc.), ergonomics programs and psychosocial support. The Bilbao Plant is recognized as the first company in the Basque region to sign a collective health policy. Through these and other activities, Bridgestone supports the healthy life of regional communities.

Free surgeries for children (Liberia)

Firestone’s Natural Rubber operations in Liberia co-sponsored a team of medical professionals from Children’s Surgeries International to provide more than 100 free surgeries for cleft lips and palates, hernias and a variety of urological conditions at the Firestone Medical Center in Duside. This is the seventh such mission since the collaboration began in 2010.

Initiatives to support research and prevention in healthcare and the fight against the cancer (Italy)

•Bridgestone EMIA Technology Center employees purchased apples (La Mela di AISM) as a way of donating money for multiple sclerosis research. In 2018, 150 employees took part in the apple-buying drive.

•Christmas Sale of Xmas Tree decorations - in favor of AISM Approximately 150 employees were involved and 300 decorations were sold in 2018.

•Bridgestone EMIA Technology Center employees also actively contributed to the Good Cause of Susan G. Komen by subscribing and donating at the RACE for the CURE event, when four days are dedicated to Health, Sport, Well-being and Solidarity to fundraise for breast cancer prevention.

Soft-robot hand

The Bridgestone Group’s rubber actuator is a polymer composite consisting of a rubber tube and a fiber-braided sleeve that applies its tire and hydraulic hose technologies. These rubber actuators are flexible, impact resistant, lightweight and high output. As one of its applications, the Group is developing a robot hand that can correctly grip everything from soft to hard objects of various sizes and weights, ranging from items like strawberries to tires. The soft-robot hand is expected to be used in a wide variety of applications. This is another example of how the Group is co-creating social and customer value with numerous stakeholders.

Future Starting Point Project with Ochanomizu University (Japan)

Bridgestone, in partnership with Ochanomizu University (one of two women’s national universities in Japan) has been implementing the Future Starting Point Project to help cultivate the next generation of female leaders since 2019. Females in high schools, undergraduate universities and graduate schools participate in a dialogue about future societal needs with stakeholders from business, education and local government.

Wings for Children’s Dream (Japan)

Bridgestone employees volunteer with children who lost their parents or guardians in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Led by the Ochanomizu Academic Association, volunteers spend quality time building important relationships with these children. Bridgestone also offers its recreational facilities for Association camps and other activities.

Supporting the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Today, the Bridgestone Group values sports as one important way to promote healthier communities. That is why the Group is proud to support the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as a worldwide partner of both the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee. Multiple tenets of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements – community service, diversity, environmental stewardship and sustainability – also lie at the heart of Our Way to Serve.

Bridgestone x Olympic x Paralympic a GO GO! (Japan)

In Japan, the Bridgestone x Olympic x Paralympic a GO GO! initiative is bringing the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements to communities across the country through a fun event with top-level athletes to help everyone from children to the elderly recognize the fun of playing sports.

Supporting para athletes (Japan)

Bridgestone is using the Company’s tire technology and innovation to support para athletes in Japan. Employees created rubber soles for sports prostheses that make it easier to run on a variety of surfaces, and gloves that help wheelchair athletes more efficiently propel the wheels of the chair.

Promoting employment of people with disabilities (China, Asia Pacific)

Bridgestone CAP promotes the employment of people with disabilities across the region. In Thailand, 10 employees are para athletes training to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Olympic X Paralympic Go Go Go (China, Singapore)

Bridgestone believes that sports has the power to excite, inspire and unite people from diverse backgrounds all over the world, and continues to support Olympic related activities in Thailand, Australia, China and Singapore. Bridgestone in China held an “Olympic X Paralympic Go Go Go” event at its Wuxi Plant, hosting employees and their children, together with students from local badminton clubs to let all participants have a taste of competitive sports.

B-Olympic platform (Europe)

As a worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, and in anticipation of the games being held in its headquarters’ city of Tokyo, BSEMIA’s B-Olympic platform promoted employee’s Active and Healthy Lifestyles through regular athletic challenges, articles, workouts and other information. When employees collectively reached a specific kilometer target by walking, running, cycling, etc., BSEMIA donated to 14 local cancer charities. In 2020, employees moved for 1.2 million kilometers, resulting in a donation of 124,000 EUR. Since 2018, BSEMIA donated nearly half a million euros to the 14 local charities through their movement.

Surfing, swimming and wheelchair tennis lessons (Australia)

To spread enthusiasm for Active and Healthy Lifestyles via Olympic and Paralympic sports in Australia, BSCAP hosted surfing, swimming and wheelchair tennis lessons for young athletes. Forty surfers, 100 swimmers and 12 wheelchair tennis enthusiasts enjoyed lessons with well-known athletes and Team Bridgestone members, surfer Connor O’Leary, Olympic-hopeful swimmer Ariarne Titmus and Paralympic wheelchair tennis medalist Heath Davidson.

Team Bridgestone athlete ambassadors (Americas)

In the United States, the company partnered with its Team Bridgestone athlete ambassadors to support local youth programs and charitable organizations, including Boys and Girls Club of America, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and the Scott Hamilton’s Learn-to-Skate Program in Nashville.

Relevant information