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As a global leader, seeking to build a truly global company, Bridgestone touches a diverse array of communities across the world. By enhancing how people live, learn and work, the company strives to have a positive impact on the communities in which it operates at the global and local levels.

Acting on these commitments and working with our various partners, we will help build safer, healthier communities and make education more accessible and inclusive. We will build on our strengths and competencies to serve communities today and in future generations.

Employ our strengths to support our communities and enhance the way people live, learn and work

We, the Bridgestone Group, are committed to utilizing our strengths and competencies to address health, safety and education issues in our communities.

  • Contributing to a safer society
    Building safer communities through services, products, and company and individual initiatives.
  • Accessible and inclusive education
    Expanding education and training opportunities in order to develop job and life skills.
  • Promoting healthier communities
    Promoting access to the resources people need to lead healthier lives.

The Value Generated by the Bridgestone Group

The Bridgestone Group conducts business in more 150 countries throughout the world. From the company’s beginnings in the 1930s, founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, believed that a business which contributes to society would do well by doing good. Today, this is more important than ever, with mounting social and environmental challenges threatening the planet and the quality of life of all people living on it.

Now, as a global leader, Bridgestone is committed to serving society by improving access to smart, safe transportation, building healthy, resilient communities, and balancing business operations with environmental stewardship.

Looking forward, Bridgestone remains committed to driving innovation around Mobility, People and the Environment – so that it can continue to serve society with superior quality for generations to come.

Social Issues-Case 1 Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

The value provided by Bridgestone-Improvement in the prevention for local safety and disaster prevention

When a natural disaster occurs, it is important that shelters that victims use are functional to save many lives. We at the Bridgestone Group contribute to the strengthening of disaster prevention of local areas by providing Seismic Isolation Bearing that prevent buildings from collapsing in case of earthquake.

Moreover, the Group establishes disaster prevention functions in some local areas, which are usually seen only in hub areas in order to improve the level of natural disaster prevention for the whole local areas.

The Bridgestone Group supports local areas to improve the ability of responding to safeness and safety of local areas, disaster prevention and the reduction of the number of local areas by providing its technologies, products and infrastructure for disaster prevention.

Seismic Isolation Bearing [Protection for life and assets from earthquakes] Contributing to a safer society

Leveraging technology which is core to our tire production, Bridgestone has developed high-quality, highly-functioning seismic isolation bearings. These bearings help prevent buildings from collapsing and sustaining significant damage from earthquakes. This technology has allowed Bridgestone to contribute to the safety and reliability in people’s everyday lives, as well as greater economic certainty in local communities.

Disaster Control Center [Prevention of local areas from typhoons and cyclones] Contributing to a safer society

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. owns and operates a weather center in one of its tire manufacturing facilities in the state of Tennessee, USA. The center includes weather spotter cameras, a local weather scanner, and current weather radar, giving the ability to predict weather patterns. This facility can alert surrounding areas when inclement weather is imminent or occurring in the area.

Social Issues-Case 2 Ensure inclusive and quality education for all

The value provided by Bridgestone-Supporting education in our communities

Education is an important theme in improving the quality of life for local communities and employees, leading to the resolution of social issues including the improvement of income gaps, poverty, health issues, etc. We at the Bridgestone Group promote activities that provide educational opportunities to underdeveloped areas of the world, including free vocational training relevant to electronics engineering and machine engineering, as well as language lessons and lectures on management skills.

We are committed to using our resources and capabilities to address health, safety and education issues in our communities. We are focused on helping to make society safer, making education more accessible and inclusive, and promoting healthier communities.

Vocational Training Facility (Indonesia) Accessible and inclusive education
Staff development by providing educational opportunities

Number of graduates(1984-2016)713 people 54% joined the Bridgestone Group, 46% other companies

P.T. Bridgestone Tire Indonesia operates a vocational training facility, the Loka Latihan Keterampilan Bridgestone (LLKBS), built on the premises of Bekasi plant in Indonesia. The facility offers a fair opportunity of learning as the facility fees and living costs are free for two years. Those, who have graduated from the facility, now work for companies in Indonesia including a local Bridgestone office.


Bridgestone Indonesia Receives 3 Awards at Global CSR Awards 2018

PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia received 3 Awards at the 10th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2018, one of Asia’s most prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility awards.

This Award recognizes and honors companies for their outstanding, innovative and world-class products, services, projects and programmes implemented in the past or present.

The GOLD Award for Best Country CSR Excellence Award was received by Bridgestone Indonesia with a series of CSR programs that have been conducted over the last 40 years. The SILVER was also awarded for Bridgestone in providing Excellence in Provision of Literacy and Education by bringing the gap between education and employability with Loka Latihan Keterampilan Bridgestone (LLKBS).

In addition, Bridgestone Indonesia also received the SILVER for Best Community Program Award. This award is a proof that Bridgestone Indonesia is a company that has successfully implemented a community project that resulted in poverty alleviation, better education, business growth and community engagement.

Educational support program (India) Accessible and inclusive education
Providing school facilities to children with limited educational opportunities

In India, many people living in rural areas are deprived of basic educational infrastructure due to economic reasons. Bridgestone provided school facilities and educational materials to children with limited educational opportunities living near the Chakan plant at our affiliate company in India, Bridgestone India Private Limited (BSID). By supporting educational opportunities for children, we help foster educational opportunities that can break the chain of poverty.

Impacted village residents in India: 4,500 people

Bridgestone Corporate University Training Center (Argentine) Accessible and inclusive education
Education and Training Facility for Employees and Local Stakeholders

Established in 2003, Bridgestone Corporate University (BCU) provides education and training opportunities to employees, suppliers, local citizens and other stakeholders. Center was opened in 2015 to foster training and education. Since opening, 508 people have graduated from BCU and more than 8,000 stakeholders have received training.

Trained people since 2003: more than 8,000 people

Builders’ Academy (France) Accessible and inclusive education
Contributing to talented human resource development and reducing unemployment rates in local communities

We operate the Builders’ Academy educational training program for unemployed people at a production plant in the city of Béthune located in northern France. Local plant employees become coaches, teaching students manufacturing techniques. Students who complete the program are awarded a certificate from the French government. Through these activities, we engage in the development of human resources with specialized knowledge and skills while securing human resources for the Company. We also partner with government agencies and local NGOs to contribute to lowering unemployment rates, which is becoming a serious social issue.

Number of young people trained: 60 students

Training programs (Spain) Accessible and inclusive education
Provision of educational programs that meet an individual’s demand

In Spain, Bridgestone Hispania S.A. provides a machine engineering training for young people with intellectual disabilities. The 400-hour program has been designed to correlate with the intellectual level of each participant.

Wings for Children’s Dream (Japan) Accessible and inclusive education
Great East Japan Earthquake recovery support efforts

This project began in 2011, led mainly by the Ochanomizu Academic Association NPO with the aim of providing long-term support to children who lost their parents or guardians in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Volunteers, mostly students, meet regularly with children who lost their parents or guardians, spending quality time together and building important relationships in these children’s lives. In addition to financing, Bridgestone offers its recreational facilities as a place for project activities (summer and winter camps).

Number of activities conducted up to date: 24 times

Bridgestone Children’s Eco-Art Contest (Japan) Accessible and inclusive education

Each year, the Bridgestone Corporation, along with Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. and Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd., holds the Bridgestone Children’s Eco-Art Contest. This contest, which began with the desire to preserve our precious natural environment for the children of the future, emphasizes an appreciation for nature as seen through children’s drawings.

Going forward, the Bridgestone Group will continue to support the education of the next generation through these and other activities.

Social Issues-Case 3 Realizing Societies Where Everyone is Able to Live Life to the Fullest

The value provided by Bridgestone-Realizing an “Active and Healthy Lifestyle” for everyone

Around the world there are many people who are forced to significantly restrict their physical activities due to disabilities as well as deteriorated physical function caused by aging. In some situations, activity restricttions can cause movement itself to be difficult. The Group recognizes that ensuring people are not isolated from society and able to live an active life are important goals. The Bridgestone Group promotes research enabling anyone to engage in their daily life and sports without impediment. We do this by leveraging technology and knowledge we’ve gathered related to tires, automobiles and sporting goods as well as by pertaining to sports-related business.

Supporting Para-Athletes Promoting healthier communities

Through activities including the research and development of sports prosthesis rubber soles that facilitate safe running on a variety of road surfaces and rubber gloves for wheelchair competitions that efficiently drive the wheels of the wheelchair, Bridgestone also enables people with disabilities to actively participate as athletes. The Bridgestone Group also supports para-athletes by providing them with employment opportunities.

Employee Health Enhancement and Social Contribution Activities Promoting healthier communities

In January 2018, a program was launched at Bridgestone Europe, Middle East and Africa (BSEMEA) as means of promoting employee health and social contribution activities by linking the distance employees walked to donations to activities supporting the prevention of cancer. In 2018, this program will be customized and conducted in Bridgestone China & Asia Pacific (BSCAP) and Bridgestone Group in Japan supporting donations in local communities based on regional needs.

Supporting Health in Local Communities Through Sports Promoting healthier communities

Since its establishment in 1992 in Japan, the Bridgestone Sports Arena has aimed to support the healthy minds and bodies of local residents and the healthy growth of local children, as well as helping design comfortable lifestyles for local communities. In recent years, it has also conducted wellness programs for the elderly and engaged in adult onset disease prevention.

Development of a Walking Training Machine Promoting healthier communities

In collaboration with Professor Kenji Kawashima of the Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, the Group launched the development of a walking training device that contributes to the promotion of health among senior citizens. This rubber artificial muscle, which is attached to the user’s body and assists with walking movement, helps support weight and provides load, is an application of rubber and reinforced fiber technologies accumulated from the development of tires and hoses up to now.

Other examples

Brake and Tire Watch (South Africa) Contributing to a safer society

In association with FleetWatch magazine and other industry partners, Bridgestone South Africa (Pty) Ltd. has participated in Brake and Tire Watch, a program aimed at empowering traffic officials to identify unroadworthy vehicles on the roads, as well as to increase transport operator awareness of efficient braking and tire checking. Traffic authorities are trained on the importance of safe tires, tire faults, functional brakes and other visual safety components. Trucks or buses found to be unroadworthy are then removed from the road and issued discontinuation notices. So far, the program has trained more than 1,200 traffic officials cials and inspected more than 400 vehicles, of which 60% were not in roadworthy condition. Through these activities, Bridgestone contributes to a safer society.

Tire Collection and the Fight Against Dengue (Costa Rica) Promoting healthier communities

Dengue virus is a serious health problem in Costa Rica and other tropical locations. Worn stockpiled tires can encourage mosquito breeding which can increase health problems in the population. Bridgestone de Costa Rica (BSCR) has worked with the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica on monthly tire collection campaigns for proper waste treatment through co-processing.

Initiatives to Improve Healthcare Services (Spain) Promoting healthier communities

Since 1970, company doctors and employees at the Bilbao Plant have been contributing to local communities through healthcare service initiatives. These include blood donations, training and conferences on occupational medicine and ultrasonography, medical equipment and medicine donations, and Christmas parties for hospitalized children. Recently the plant installed defibrillators (AED) and trained employees how to use. In addition, the plant introduced availability of installed AED to local community by mobile application.

Employees working at the plant also benefit from health services such as echography and other medical examinations, preventive health campaigns (targeting cancer, hypertension, obesity, tetanus, and etc.), ergonomics programs, and psychosocial support. The Bilbao Plant is recognized as the first company in the Basque region to sign a collective health policy. Through these and other activities, Bridgestone supports the healthy life of regional communities.

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