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Mobility Mobility


Mobility is just as important to human progress as it is to everyday life. The ability to safely, efficiently, and affordably travel between two points helps drive the economy forward while enhancing the way we live, work and play.

Through high-performance mobility, we can improve quality of life in our cities with better public transportation, reduced congestion, and increased accessibility while at the same time reducing chances of transportation-related accidents.

By using resources more efficiently, we can help deliver a safer and smarter transportation experience while we improve social and environmental outcomes across the globe.

To accelerate sustainable mobility innovations through advanced technologies and solutions

Through innovative technology, the Bridgestone Group is committed to easier, safer, smoother and seamless mobility for our society and customers.

  • Accessible mobility
    Making smooth and seamless mobility available.
  • Smart mobility
    Utilizing unique technologies to improve the way people/goods move.
  • Safe transportation
    Utilizing unique technologies to enhance safe mobility.

The Value Generated by the Bridgestone Group

As one of the world’s leading tire and rubber companies, the Bridgestone Group supports the movement of people and goods around the world. Mobility is essential to everyday life today, and making it convenient and comfortable contributes to a better society.

Social issues linked to mobility include traffic accidents, traffic congestion and regional disparities caused by insufficient access to transportation among others. These issues continue to deepen amid concerns over difficulties in coping with conventional mobility given the projected progression of the aging of society and population growth.

The Bridgestone Group is working to address these issues, utilizing its core competencies to resolve individual problems through its solutions business and realize safer and more comfortable transportation. We also seek to play a key role in building new mobilities society that people around the world can enjoy.

Social Issues-Case1 Provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all

The value provided by Bridgestone-Innovative IT Solutions for safer and easier transportation

The Bridgestone Group contributes to safe customer operations and the minimization of costs related to tires through solution businesses that proactively utilize Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and other state-of-the-art technologies.

In addition, the Group will support customers and next-generation mobility by combining big data acquired and accumulated through the use of digital tools and its unique technologies to optimize the quality and effectiveness of its products.

Tirematics Smart mobility

Tirematics is an IT system that uses sensors to measure the pressure and temperature of truck and bus tires, track the location of vehicles, and provide remote monitoring in real time of a network. The system helps to prevent unexpected transport disruptions due to tire failure, ensure the safety of passengers, and maintain a regular schedule. Tire pressure checks by maintenance workers are also unnecessary, significantly increasing the efficiency of tire maintenance. Longer tire life and improved fuel efficiency also help to reduce costs.

Bridgestone subsidiary Bridgestone do Brasil Industria e Comercio Ltda. (BSBR), in cooperation with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) the principal means of transportation in Rio de Janeiro, conducted a demonstration of a new transportation solution utilizing a proprietary IT system. By expanding easily accessible public transportation, this initiative promotes economic development and contributes to the creation of a more comfortable society for all people.

*BRT is an express bus rapid transit system that utilizes articulated buses and special traffic lanes to provide regular and rapid service. This eco-friendly, next-generation urban transport system has been adopted mainly in emerging countries in recent years and is spreading into developed countries as well.

Toolbox Smart mobility

Using tablets and other terminals to access and manage basic information related to customer tire usage conditions and maintenance status on worksites, it is possible to visualize customer and tire-related information. By checking and analyzing customer maintenance and tire conditions with proprietary monitoring technologies, the Group can recommend the most appropriate tires and usage methods to customers with a higher degree of precision.

BASys Smart mobility

A management tool for visualizing and rationalizing the retread process by ascertaining and analyzing retread process information in real time. The Group will contribute to increased productivity and product quality by managing retread construction, quality, inventory and other information.

Social Issues-Case2 Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

The value provided by Bridgestone-Unique Safety Technologies

Bridgestone is helping to reduce traffic accidents with a solutions business using technology to support safe driving. Our measures include developing tires that even when flat allow a vehicle to be driven to a location where the tire can be changed safely and the practical application of technologies to support safe driving by utilizing sensing technologies in tires—the only part of a vehicle in contact with the road—to acquire information on road surface conditions.

Tires with run-flat technology [Proprietary technologies for a safer driving experience] Safe transportation

Run-flat tires have sidewall-reinforced rubber, allowing the vehicle to be driven a certain distance at specified speeds, even with zero inflation pressure. Originally developed for use on vehicles designed for physically disabled people, this technology through continual research is now widely used in standard passenger vehicles, offering a comfortable ride comparable to normal tires. Bridgestone continues to expand the range of applicable sizes in an effort to make this technology useful worldwide.

CAIS®*1 (Contact Area Information Sensing ) [Sensing technologies for a safer driving experience] Smart mobility Safe transportation

CAIS is a general term for Bridgestone’s tire-sensing technologies, which provide value to consumers by collecting and analyzing tire contact area data and using this information to classify road conditions. In 2015, Bridgestone realized the world’s first*2 practical application of this tire sensing technology with classification of road conditions. This technology classifies the road conditions into seven different states (dry, semi-wet, wet, slush, fresh snow, compacted snow, and ice) through an onboard system in real time.
Bridgestone promotes technological development for not only tires but also entire systems in support of a safe and secure mobile society.

  1. Contact Area Information Sensing. CAIS is a registered trademark of the Bridgestone Corporation.
  2. Among tires equipped with classification of road condition technologies (Source: Bridgestone research, November 2015)

BLIZZAK studless winter tires [Continued pursuit of sure handling on ice and snow] Safe transportation

The leading brand of studless winter tire, BLIZZAK uses Bridgestone’s acclaimed foamed rubber technology to deliver safe and sure handling on icy roads. Combined with various other technologies, these tires provide peace of mind on slippery winter roads.

Social Issues-Case3 Contribute to the creation of a barrier-free society

The value provided by Bridgestone- Contributing to next-generation public transportation

The importance of public transportation will continue to increase, especially amid urbanization, aging societies,and the growing seriousness of environmental issues. For bus transportation modes such as fixed-route buses and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)*1, barrier-free boarding and departure is an issue.
There is a demand for proper contact with the curb to minimize gaps between bus stops and buses as far as possible so that the elderly, those in wheelchairs, riders with baby strollers and all other passengers are able to get on and off the bus smoothly with peace of mind. At the same time, public transportation must also run on time and operate economically.
*1 BRT is an express bus rapid transit system that utilizes articulated buses and special traffic lanes to provide regular and rapid service. This eco-friendly, next-generation urban transport system has been adopted mainly in emerging countries in recent years and is spreading into developed countries as well.

Development of Tires and Curbs which Contribute to Barrier-Free Bus Transport Accessible mobility Safe transportation

The Bridgestone Group is engaged in research and development activities aimed at improving a bus’s proximity to the curb to minimize as far as possible the gaps between bus stops and buses. This is achieved by having the tires come in contact with the curb when passengers are getting on and off the bus. The Group developed special barrier-free concept tires and next-generation curbstones to smoothly and stably bring buses to the curb. It is promoting studies aimed at realizing barrier-free riding for customers with a goal of commercializing this system by 2020.

Other examples

Creating New Value with NVH* Solutions Safe transportation

In addition to tires, Bridgestone also develops automotive-related products, including anti-vibration rubber and seat pads. Anti-vibration rubber is an automotive product related to vehicle performance and safety that functions to suppress and reduce vibrations and noise emanating from each section of the vehicle. In addition to the main functions of preventing and controlling vibrations and providing performance support, this product is developed in response to vehicle shape, weight relating to fuel consumption and customer needs. Pads on seats, which are the main interface connecting passengers and vehicles, are important automotive products that determine basic functions such as supporting the body and controlling vibrations and unsteadiness. Bridgestone utilizes materials technologies, production design technologies, and evaluative and analytical technologies to ensure optimal materials design that results in seat and driving comfort.

NVH solutions not only provide these products on an individual basis, but also propose the combined usage of these products and technologies to customers. Bridgestone creates new value for the customer beyond what is possible with a single product and contributes to the realization of an improved mobile society by responding to increasingly diversified needs with technology and innovation.

*NVH is an acronym for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness.

  1. The rubber portion of the tire that is in contact with the road.
  2. In 2013, the retread tire manufacturing plant and the intermediate treatment plant for end-of-life tires were merged.

“Assista Uni Premier”, a simple motor-assisted bicycle, even the elderly can ride easily Accessible mobility

“Assista Uni Premier” motor-assisted bicycle

In October 2014, Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. launched the “Assista Uni Premier” as a simple motor-assisted bicycle that even the elderly can ride easily.

With the aging society in the domestic market, providing products that accurately address the needs of senior adults in Japan has become a major challenge for businesses.
In developing such products, a survey on motor-assisted bicycle usage among people aged 65 to 75 was conducted. The survey revealed that some senior adults avoid motor-assisted bicycles because they consider them “heavy, scary, and complicated,” even though they experience difficulties when riding normal bicycles due to weakened leg muscles.

In response to such survey results, Bridgestone Cycle designed a motor-assisted bicycle around the concept that it should be easy to ride, easy to use, and all-around simple. Specifically, the design goals were lighter weight, a lower floor, and simplicity. Bridgestone Cycle achieved a weight of 22.1kg, which is similar to normal bicycle,*1 enabling even those who are not confident in their physical strength to handle the bicycle comfortably. The frame employs small-diameter tires and a low-floor design that lets people 138.5cm and over straddle the bicycle with both feet on the ground*2 to ensure safety even during sudden stops. The motor-assistance switches that senior adults found complicated had their functionality simplified and buttons enlarged, resulting in a simpler and more user-friendly design. The design is also chic, with elegant coloring that does not suggest that this is a bicycle for senior citizens. “Assista Uni Premier” is a simple motor-assisted bicycle that incorporates the values and needs of senior adults.

  1. Comparison of the “Assista Uni Premier” 20-inch model with the “Jobno” 27-inch model, both sold by Bridgestone Cycle
  2. Applicable to the 20-inch tire size model

Mining Solutions Creating Common Value in Mining Operations Accessible mobility Smart mobility

The Bridgestone Group manufactures tires for mining equipment vehicles and conveyor belts used for carrying ore and other mined materials. There are only a few companies in the world that manufacture these tires, especially those for massive mining vehicles, as they require advanced manufacturing technologies and specialized large-scale equipment. To provide customers with safer and more efficient mobility in harsh mining environments, we offer a solution business providing comprehensive support, from services to IT. We combine mining vehicle tire and conveyor belt products strategically positioned by the Group that until now were sold separately. This approach enables us to create new value for the customer. From the suppliers’ point of view, we aim to be the partner of choice for our customers. Additionally, we think we will be able to create social value from an environmental perspective, since efficient tire utilization conserves resources and reduces tire disposal.
In 2015, Bridgestone established in-house companies in its business for mining and agricultural machinery to accelerate the global expansion of Bridgestone’s solution business. Bridgestone will streamline in-house functions that oversee its businesses for mining and agricultural machinery, which were previously organized by region and product type. By organizing these functions from the perspective of its customers in such ways as realizing an integrated point of customer contact, Bridgestone will strengthen the global reach of its solution businesses.