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Mobility is as important to human progress as it is to everyday life. The ability to travel between two points safely, efficiently, and affordably helps move the economy forward while enhancing the way we live, work and play.

High-performance mobility improves quality of life by providing better public transportation, reduced congestion, increased accessibility, and fewer traffic accidents.

Mobility that uses resources efficiently can also deliver a safer and smarter transportation experience while improving social and environmental outcomes across the globe.

To accelerate sustainable mobility innovations through advanced technologies and solutions

Through innovative technology, the Bridgestone Group is committed to easier, safer, smoother and seamless mobility for our society and customers.

  • Accessible mobility
    Making smooth and seamless mobility available.
  • Smart mobility
    Utilizing unique technologies to improve the way people/goods move.
  • Safe mobility
    Utilizing unique technologies to enhance safe mobility.

Value created by the Bridgestone Group

The mobility industry has entered a period of great transformation with CASE and MaaS. The shift to electric vehicles (EVs) and electrification is accelerating on a global scale toward the goal of becoming carbon neutral. In addition, with the expansion of car-sharing services, the utilization rate per vehicle is increasing and the performance required of tires is changing dramatically. As mobility continues to rapidly evolve, it has the strong potential to solve many of the challenges affecting society.

The Bridgestone Tire and Diversified Products as a Solution (Bridgestone T&DPaaS) platform takes full advantage of the strength of Bridgestone's knowledge and experience in tires and rubber to develop solutions that fully link the Real and Digital worlds. With this knowledge, Bridgestone delivers Dan-Totsu (clear and absolute leader) products and offerings like innovative tire design, predictive maintenance and strong service networks. This unique combination of in-person and digital approaches allows us to analyze and utilize large volumes of data to co-create new value for society, customers and partners.

Mobility Solutions

Subscription models

Mobox, the core of the Group’s tire-centric solutions, is a subscription service for passenger cars that offers tires and maintenance for a fixed monthly fee. In addition to tire recommendation, reassembly and removal by professional and experienced staff, it also offers various services such as puncture compensation, periodic safety inspections, and various maintenance services. The Group aims to increase the number of subscription contracts for passenger cars by approximately 20 times by 2023 (compared to 2019) by rolling out the subscription model to Japan and the U.S.

The Group also plans to approximately double the number of contracts for truck and bus fleet subscriptions, which are already widely used by customers in Japan, Europe and the U.S., during the same time frame. To this end, the Group will optimize services to fit customer needs in each region.

Subscription models reduce the burden on the environment by ensuring the long and optimal use of tires with safety and peace of mind.


Technology that achieves both environmental benefits and driving performance

ENLITEN technology makes it possible to reduce the weight of tires by approximately 20% and rolling resistance by approximately 30%*1 compared to conventional passenger car tires. It achieves these benefits by reducing the number of components used in tires, while maintaining driving performance and tire life. This makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions caused by tires by about 30% when driving gasoline-powered vehicles. It also contributes to reducing environmental impact and the achievement of sustainable mobility by extending the driving range of electric vehicles (EVs) on a single charge. It further contributes to improved resource productivity by reducing total material weight.

ENLITEN technology is applied on Turanza Eco tires specially engineered for Lightyear One, the world’s first long-ranged solar electric vehicle by Netherlands-based mobility innovator Lightyear.*2 The Bridgestone Group developed the Turanza Eco Tires by combining, for the first time, the revolutionary lightweight ENLITEN and ologic technology, which has larger diameters, high-inflation pressures and slim design. The technologies made it possible to reduce further rolling resistance and increase the driving range of electric vehicles. This co-creation between Lightyear and Bridgestone is a direct result of a shared focus on sustainability and a relationship built upon the more than eight years of collaboration through the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The development of Turanza Eco tires is a step up to a new stage of this co-creation activity based on technological innovation.

  1. Comparison made using the 225/40R18 tire size
  2. A company developing long-range solar EV (Lightyear One) based in Netherlands, established in 2016.

Run-flat technology (RFT) tires

The Bridgestone Group’s safety mission statement – Safety First, Always – touches every aspect of the Group. Run-flat technology*1 tires can operate at a set speed over a predetermined distance, even after air pressure has been lost due to a puncture or other cause. Not only do these tires contribute to improved vehicle safety, they also reduce resource use by eliminating the need for spare tires, which are often disposed of after having never been used. In addition, eliminating spare tires makes vehicles lighter and more fuel efficient. The Bridgestone Group introduced DriveGuard tires, which is equipped with next generation run-flat technology for mass-produced vehicles and can be changed from normal tires*2, ahead of the market.

  1. The technology can safely drive on for up to 80km at 80km/h after a puncture (Drivable distance under conditions based on ISO technical standard or specific vehicle tests)
  2. DriveGuard tires are designed for vehicles equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

BLIZZAK studless winter tires

BLIZZAK studless winter tires uses Bridgestone’s acclaimed foamed rubber technology to deliver safe and sure handling on icy roads. Combined with various other technologies, these tires provide peace of mind on slippery winter roads. Because of their long-lasting safety performance, BLIZZAK tires offer economical to use and beneficial to the environment.

First Stop

Bridgestone Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, Africa (BSEMIA) and our retail business, First Stop, are helping to make smooth, seamless mobility available through initiatives like the Ranger Mobility Solution in Spain. Ranger Mobility Solution vans offer mobile tire maintenance, service and recharges, providing peace of mind for drivers and fleets interested in electric vehicles.


TireHub, formed in partnership with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, provides same-day delivery to most tire dealers and retailers in the U.S. For these businesses, this level of service is critical for meeting customer needs while also reducing the size and expense of on-site inventory.

Fleet Solutions


Webfleet Solutions, a Bridgestone Company, is a leading fleet management service provider with more than 20 years of experience. Its core Software-as-a-Service platform, WEBFLEET, supports transportation operations and contributes to improved safety, efficiency and productivity of drivers and operators by managing various data related to vehicle operations. More than 50,000 companies worldwide trust WEBFLEET to connect their fleets and get their drivers, vehicles and businesses where they need to go safely and efficiently. The Group will continue to roll out its fleet management services and know-how globally, from a European Center of Excellence. Webfleet Solutions already commands the number one position in Europe. By further strengthening this foundation, the Group plans to increase connected vehicles to more than 1 million by 2023.

The Group has already begun global expansion aimed at doubling or tripling the number of contracted units, and to establish a leading global position for the Webfleet Solutions business. In North America, the Group will consider further business expansion with strategic partnerships and M∓A to scale up its fleet solutions. These approaches will enable the Group to help achieve safer, more efficient and more sustainable mobility.

Retread solution

The Bridgestone Group is developing a global retread service in which it collects worn out tires from customers, replaces the worn tread, and delivers tires that are again ready for use. By initially developing durable tires that also prevent unpredictable wear, and by providing appropriate maintenance, this service makes it possible to retread a single tire several times. Combining Dan-Totsu products, retread service, and maintenance as a subscription package with a flat monthly fee, customers can use tires more safely, longer and more cost efficiently.

By combining retread services with digital technologies, such as tire monitoring allowing visibility of tire data, and mobility data provided by Webfleet solutions, the Group can provide Dan-Totsu solutions for customers. These Dan-Totsu solutions analyze tire and mobility data with the Group’s unique algorithms to provide tire wear and durability predictions, and Webfleet Solutions provides fleet operation support to prevent downtime from tire and vehicle trouble to ensure safe mobility and maintain optimal operations of customers, thereby reducing the customer’s total operation cost. In addition, this contributes to the reduction of CO2 emission at customer’s use phase.

In the future, the Group will use mobility and tire data as the basis for offering premium retreading that will enable it to customize the Dan-Totsu products, surface area to be retreaded, tread shape and appropriate timing for each vehicle and each tire, according to its usage conditions.


IntelliTire™ is a subscription-based solution, designed to reduce tire-related costs and improve fleet efficiency. Through a series of in-tire and in-yard sensors and receivers, fleet operators can use IntelliTire to monitor inflation pressure, temperature and tread depth for every tire on every vehicle in a fleet. Developed to help reduce downtime and lower total cost of fleet operation, smart tire technology and advanced data analytics tools like Bridgestone IntelliTire can also improve overall fleet safety and performance, aid in the proper maintenance of tires, extend the lifespan of tire casings, and ultimately reduce natural resource consumption.


Tirematics is an IT system that uses sensors to measure the pressure and temperature of truck and bus tires and provide remote monitoring of a network. This system helps to prevent unexpected transport disruptions due to tire failure, ensure the safety of passengers, and maintain a regular schedule. Tire pressure checks by maintenance workers are also unnecessary, significantly increasing the efficiency of tire maintenance. Longer tire life and improved fuel efficiency also help to reduce costs.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Bridgestone and its subsidiary Bridgestone do Brasil (BSBR), in cooperation with Rio de Janeiro's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) operators, piloted a new transportation solution utilizing a proprietary IT system.

BRT is an express bus rapid transit system that utilizes articulated buses and special traffic lanes. This eco-friendly, next-generation urban transport system has been adopted mainly by emerging countries but is starting to spread into developed countries as well.

BRT is the main mode of transportation in Rio de Janeiro. By expanding access to public transportation, this initiative promotes economic development and cities that are livable for all.


Toolbox enables businesses to access, manage and visualize basic information related to customer tire usage and maintenance using a tablet or other device. By checking and analyzing customer maintenance and tire conditions with proprietary monitoring technologies, Toolbox recommends the most appropriate tires and usage methods with a higher degree of precision.


This management tool visualizes and streamlines the retreading process by monitoring and analyzing in real time. BASys enhances productivity and product quality by managing retread construction, quality, inventory and other information.


Bridgestone EMEA launched the FleetPulse, a three-in-one solution comprised of a mobile app, a centralized website and Tire Pressure Monitoring System hardware, helping fleets increase vehicles’ uptime, while also keeping people and the roads safe.

Mining Solutions

The Bridgestone Group is developing mining solutions that contribute to the safety, reduced environmental impact, economic efficiency and productivity of mine operators. It is doing so by combining the real x digital worlds to deliver integrated products, services and servicing networks that utilize tire and mobility data. At mining sites, it is important to increase fleet availability and to quickly transport more minerals per vehicle. BRIDGESTONE MASTERCORE tires are a Dan-Totsu product with ultra-high durability. They are based on the combination of the Group’s unique new technologies, including steel cord and other materials, and structure and processing engineering that can offer proposals considering each customers’ operation plan and mine layout.

In addition to providing BRIDGESTONE MASTERCORE tires, the Group provides comprehensive services to maximize mine performance by offering tire maintenance, repair, fittings and more. In addition to data such as tire temperature and air pressure that can be collected by old-generation tire monitoring systems, iTrack, the Group’s tire and mining vehicle monitoring system, captures and accumulates vehicle operation data and other information in real time. The Group analyzes this data with its unique algorithms to provide solutions such as tire wear, durability prediction and vehicle operation support. In addition, by further enhancing foundations for providing this solution through its Dan-Totsu network, the Group will continue to support safe, economic and efficient mining operations.

Aviation Solutions

Bridgestone is collaborating with Japan Airlines (JAL) to realize greater accuracy in aircraft tire management and maintenance plans by combining JAL’s aircraft insights and flight data with the Group’s tire insights and digital tire-wear prediction technologies. In doing so, Bridgestone creates social and customer value. Customers benefit from optimizing tire assets, safe flight operations and improved maintenance efficiency. Society benefits from improved resource productivity and reduced CO2 emissions from manufacturing.

Other initiatives contributing to mobility systems

Barrier-less bus stop curb system

PlusStop minimizes the gap between bus boarding entrances and the curb. This technology was developed through a joint project with Yokohama National University (Professor Fumihiko Nakamura of the Transportation and Urban Engineering Lab), the Japan Transportation Planning Association, and ADVANCE Co., Ltd.

PlusStop employs a specialized curb shape to guide tires and allow a bus to get closer to the curb. This improves docking efficiency, removes barriers to access and allows smoother and safer boarding and deboarding for all people, including senior citizens, people using a wheelchair or pushing a stroller, and others with limited mobility.

Access to bus travel is becoming increasingly important in places where urbanization, population aging, and environmental awareness make public transportation a necessity. PlusStop was designed to address these growing needs and long-standing barriers.

CAIS® (Contact Area Information Sensing)

Contact Area Information Technology (CAIS)*1 is a general term for Bridgestone’s tire sensing technologies. CAIS provides value to consumers by collecting and analyzing tire contact area data and using this information to classify road conditions, making it possible to enhance safety performance.

In 2015, Bridgestone Corporation realized the world’s first*2 practical application of this tire sensing technology with classification of road conditions. This technology classifies road conditions into seven different states (dry, semi-wet, wet, slush, fresh snow, compacted snow, and ice) through an onboard system in real time.

  1. CAIS is a registered trademark of the Bridgestone Corporation
  2. Among tires equipped with classification of road condition technologies (Source: Bridgestone research, November 2015)

Co-creating an industry-academia-government collaboration for wireless charging from roads to in-wheel motors

Bridgestone is participating in a project to develop practical uses for transferring the in-wheel power generated by in-wheel motors used in electric vehicles. It is collaborating with Hori and the Fujimoto Laboratory of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo, other companies and research institutes. The Company’s role in the partnership is to develop the tire technology to transfer this energy during power charging.

Supporting research on tires for manned, pressurized rovers required for lunar surface mobility

Courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation

Together with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Toyota Motor Corporation, Bridgestone Corporation is conducting research and development for tires to be mounted on a pressurized rover used for human exploration activities on the moon. The Company is contributing to the mission by developing strong but flexible tires that perform in the harsh environment of the lunar surface. Like all tires, these must perform four essential roles:

  1. Support the lunar rover’s load
  2. Transmit driving force and braking force
  3. Change and maintaining direction
  4. Perform on a variety of surface conditions, including slopes and rocky sand

This technology, developed for the harshest conditions experienced on the surface of the moon, is expected to have wide-ranging applications in the future.